Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fast runs at Hampton made for excellent kitesurfing

Session 390. There were terrifying winds and storms yesterday but the wind on Sunday was more benign.

Stuart and I got down to Hampton early and were rewarded with good wind and some very fast runs. Storms were coming down the middle of the bay but were mostly missing Hampton, although we did get a bit of hail at one point.

I did some jumps and dropped the kite a couple of times (Hindenbergs) in the lighter winds.

On one occasion I felt the wind pick up then SMACK I was down, struck by a savage but very brief micro gust!

The rest of the crew showed up about an hour later and headed out, for a short while it was almost crowded.

The speed runs were sensational - cranking up the power and going for it - without being too overpowered.

Afterwards we stopped for coffee and chat in at Sebastion Cafe in Hampton where they have a great Breakfast Board and the coffee is excellent.


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Kitesurfing ripping 35+ knot northerly at Seaford

Session 389.  The storm force northerly blew all night and was still going in the morning so James, Stu S, Stu W, Tarren and I met at Seaford for a cracking session with winds 35+ knots.

We weren't disappointed, the wind was howling!  I pumped up my Union 8 and lent Tarren my Crossbow 7.  I used the second knot on the outer line attachments to get more depower and was glad that I did - the kite was fully depowered for most of this session.  The Union kites have a great depower range and perform well in strong conditions - there are no surprises.

Strong winds means big waves so the surfing was good too, a big boosts were too easy and sometimes scary.

Overall a very solid session.  Great fun, but always watching out for another big gust!

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Kitesurfing gusty northerly at Brighton

Session 388.  Headed down to Brighton at about 11:00 am after a big sleep in having returned from our great ski trip the Main Range the day before.

A strong gusty northerly was blowing.  Natalie was having trouble launching her foil kite on the beach - I attempted to help to no avail.  A kiter was being towed in by another.  

It was nice of the water but very gusty. I was fully de-powered on the Union 8 further out then fully powered when I encountered unexpected lulls.

Some guys were attempting to use 10m kites and didn't persist with that for too long.  Its dangerous to fly a kite that is too big for the conditions.

After some nice runs out and back I finished with a couple of speed runs then met up with Graeme Simpson on the foreshore, where he helped me setup my new Spotz 3 foil board and foil.  I can't wait to try it out, more on that soon.

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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Kitesurfing Frankston in 30 knot northerly - short but sweet

Session 387. A strong northerly blew all day. Stuart and James scored a good session at Rosebud around midday but I couldn't make it.  I headed to Frankston later in the afternoon with the northerly still strong.

I pumped up my Union 8 in 30 knots taking care to secure the kite with sand before self launching. Great power on the run out over some big bay swell with the kite depowered followed by nice surfing back downwind close to the beach.

The second run out and back was just as good then the wind dropped so I came in.  A local kiter recovering from an injury landed my kite which was nice as it takes the stress out of self landing so close to the wire fence.

I finished with a big smile on my dial.

The Water Police said on ABC radio news the next morning that there were six rescues in the strong (gale force) winds during the day including a sea kayaker at Mt Eliza, a windsurfer at Brighton and two people in a dingy.  What a day to be out!

Be careful and stay safe in storm conditions folks.

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Kitesurfing at Brighton, warm and almost crowded

Session 386.  Warmer weather is here and the bay water is already warming up.  There was a crowd of kiters at Brighton when I arrived - it looked like Kite Republic had one of their "kitesurfing visits" happening.

I said hello to Graeme Simpson, who was practicing gybe turns on his Nugget rather than on his customary Spotz foil board.

Peter Sexton was on the beach for a session too.

The wind was strong so I used the Union 8m kite and had a ball.  Some very big jumps and lots of power and speed.

There were a few people out on foil boards that were having a good time too.

Chatting to Graeme afterwards, he recommends a Spotz foil board as they are easier to use and more efficient in the water.  Food for thought. . .

I was very happy to get this session in.


Saturday, September 17, 2016

Kitesurfing a northerly at Brighton - summer is coming!

Session 385. An unexpected northerly sprang up mid morning so Stuart and I headed to Brighton.  This time it was coming past the beach at over 20 knots, hooray!  I took out my Union 8 and was well powered.

I did some massive jumps - high enough to wonder what I was doing up there.

The water stays quite flat close to shore in a northerly - I think I might have a go on the foil board in these conditions as its so easy to get of the beach with no waves to contend with.

I did a few long runs out in the warm sun. You can see the Westgate Bridge on the horizon in some photos.

Graham was there initially on his Nugget, then on his foil board with a foil kite disappearing of into the distance.

The wind dropped a bit towards the end of the session.  It was fine without booties this time - the water is warmer already, and brownish from the Yarra floodwater from recent heavy rains.

Summer is coming!


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