Friday, September 29, 2017

Nice kitesurfing at Elwood, good wind, some waves and interesting new location

Session420. My first kitesurfing at Elwood and it was a good one.  The launch is bit sketchy.  While the beach is wide there are power lines close by.   Parking is very convenient if you are prepared to pay for ticket. Its Dan's local beach. He, Tarren and Athol were kiting there too.

I headed towards Brighton for my first tack in good wind then back towards St Kilda Marina.

There was small surf close to some reefs and the beach which was nice to play in. Elwood is a good location, I have kited past quite a few times but its the first time I have launched there.

There were quite a few walkers and dogs about but everyone got on fine.

The wind was quite consistent for a change.  My Union 10 was the ideal size for the day.

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Sunday, September 03, 2017

Fickle wind kitesurfing at Hampton but we got lucky

Session 419.  Spring has sprung but the sea breezes have not arrived yet.  Headed to Hampton for a session in frontal wind.   There were some nice atmospherics.   The first run out was good but the wind died on the way back.  I swam into the beach thinking it was all over. 

I packed up my lines and was about to go when the wind sprang up again, so Stu and I headed out for a well-powered session that redeemed our visit.   Check out the crazy wind graph!

The water was cool but not cold and the patches of sunshine were nice. 

I felt a bit "out of the groove" with so little kiting recently, so it was great to get out on the water .

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Saturday, August 05, 2017

Kitesurfing tour Rosebud to Mt Martha and return, an excellent winter outing

Session 418. A tour to remember. Started kiting form Rosebud at 9:45 in lighter wind than was forecast. We were planning a tour to Sorrento or maybe across the rip but the wind was NW.  The best direction was towards Mt Martha so we headed there.

I setup a "SAR watch" with Simon and Duncan (thanks guys) - they were to report us missing if I didn't contact them before 4pm.  We made good progress over with some large ship passing further out in the South Channel.  The main bluff is a prominent target to aim for and I get there on one giant tack getting past Martha Cliff with room to spare.  

There were other kiters at Mt Martha and some good waves.  Some of the beach houses on the north end of the beach are precariously perched on pylons and are tipping over - the beach has serious erosion.  

Simple gybe turns were difficult in the cold - it seems to affect basic coordination.

I tacked close to shore in lighter wind on the return leg enjoying the scenery. Once around the final bluff I took a direct tack towards Rosebud and cranked up the speed.  It was chilly even with gloves, booties and wetsuit.

It was a relief when Rosebud pier came into view, I was right on target. 

This a great short tour.

Lunch afterwards at Peninsula Occasions cafe was great too.

Looking up towards Mornington

Mt Martha

Heading back

Stuart and James way out

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Kitesurfing Rosebud in a strong northerly and winter sun

Session 417. Got down to Rosebud and on the water at 9 a.m. straight into solid north wind on my 8m kite.  Stu, Tarren and James were already out.  The water was cool but gloves, booties and my steamer kept me warm.  Great surf!  The wind started around 24 knots and built up to 30, gusting to 35.

I did a few tacks up towards the pier then I did a fantastic long run following the waves breaking on the outer sand bank down to Rye.  All those waves to myself!

I tacked back on the return journey coming into the shallow calmer water closer to shore. You can see from my track log I had no problems getting back up wind.  It would have been a great day for a downwinder to Sorrento or Portsea.

Fun in the winter sun.

My (broken) little finger was fine in the plastic splint under the neoprene glove.

The coffee and pastries afterwards at Baker Boys cafe was excellent too.

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