Saturday, October 03, 2015

Summer is coming - kitesurfing in 30C weather at Rosebud

There was a good northerly at Rosebud in the morning.  I am still recovering from my latest cycling injuries (operations on both hands) so I took some photos of the crew.

Grant had a good learning session and got up and going on the board for some short turns.

Amelia was enjoying the conditions after recently returning from oversea.

Athol and Dan came down from Port Melbourne.

Stu W & Stu S were of course there too.

I have a bad dose of cabin fever - I can't wait to get on the water


Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Great kitesurfing at Frankston before another crash

Session 339. Just back from ski mountaineering in New Zealand, I had a great session at Frankston with good wind and some nice bay waves.

Plenty of power with the Lithium 9 and some good jumps. Really good to be back on the water again.  I took it easy and enjoyed the waves with the usual crew.

Melbourne is a great place for kitesurfing!

This was just before yet another bike crash and injuries . . .

GPS log

Friday, August 21, 2015

Kitesurfing dawn patrol at Brighton in gusty northerly

Session 338.  This time of year you have to take the wind you get.  James and I got down to Brighton at 7 a.m. with the wind hardly hitting the shore even though Fawkner Beacon was showing 20 knots.  It was a case of "head out and stay out".  James did a few runs but ended up downwind. I cruised out on the Nugget and stayed further out where the wind was stronger.

Its nice kiting as the sun rises and the city lights go out.  The Dandenongs are visible in the distance in some of the photos.

It was gusty wind but quite dense, so I managed a few good jumps.

I waived at a sailing boat motoring past.

Caution was indicated as a swim in would have been difficult.

I stayed upwind and got a good run back to the beach when I came in.  Then I got changed and caught the train to work.