Saturday, November 21, 2015

Kitesurfing Hampton with some big yachts about

Session 341.  More nice kitesurfing in a cool southerly wind with my Lithium 9 and trusty North Nugget.  The wind was stronger further out so I did a long run out and back.  There were a lot of large yachts racing a course off Hampton and some smaller ones further out.

Stuart and James were out too.  The wind was up and down a bit but the Nugget makes it easy to cope with the lighter patches.   My hands were fine so all is good.

Except that I couldn't find my bar - I may have left it at Hampton on 18/11. If you find it please contact me! Beer will be provided.

Its so good to be kitesurfing again.


Battery went flat before the end of the session

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Kite + wind + board + water = cabin fever cured! Yabba dabba doo!

Session 340.  Back on the water again at last!

My hand injuries have healed, but getting my left little finger bending properly is taking some time. Last week, the surgeon and hand therapist gave me a tentative go ahead for the weekend but said "it would be better to wait another week before kitesurfing". 

I had commitments on Friday and during the weekend so I missed out on the lads kiting weekend at Sandy Point.

However, conditions were good late on Sunday afternoon so I headed for Hampton to be greeted by a glorious sea breeze and uncrowded water.

It felt so good to be out again powered up on the Lithium 9 and Nugget.  My right thumb was fine and I think the session helped bend my left little finger further.

This was the first time I used my new NP helmet - it is lighter that the Protec and very comfortable.

I did some long tacks to get back into the groove after 8 weeks off the water and a few small jumps.  Gybe turns were no problem but I was a bit rusty on the waves.

It soon clicked and I rode some nice rollers out in the Bay and a couple of good waves over the reef in the middle of the two groynes.  

The combination of water, waves, wind, board and kite really is unbeatable.

GPS log

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Beaumaris to Hampton downwinder just before a storm

Stuart W, Stu S and Eric did a nice Beaumaris to Hampton downwinder this afternoon.  Still injured, I launched their kites and took some photos with "kitedog" Pixie also in attendance.

Conditions were good with a steady wind and some interesting light with the approaching storm looming.

After they headed off I stopped at Black Rock to take some shots of them far out in the bay, then continued on to Hampton where quite a few kiters were out.

I was surprised how quickly the traveled from Black Rock to Hampton - they arrived offshore the same time that I did!

They made it in just before the deluge, then I drove them back to their cars - all beaming with the buzz of their adventure.

You read Stuart's account on the water here: Kiteventure: 2015 10 11 - Downwind action

Kitedog assisted launch

Off Beauumaris

Passing Black Rock (Half Moon Bay)

Coming in to Hampton, Fawkner Beacon in the background

Pixie Kitedog preparing for landing

Chateau Styles under threat from flash flood and Brighton 4WDers

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Summer is coming - kitesurfing in 30C weather at Rosebud

There was a good northerly at Rosebud in the morning.  I am still recovering from my latest cycling injuries (operations on both hands) so I took some photos of the crew.

Grant had a good learning session and got up and going on the board for some short turns.

Amelia was enjoying the conditions after recently returning from oversea.

Athol and Dan came down from Port Melbourne.

Stu W & Stu S were of course there too.

I have a bad dose of cabin fever - I can't wait to get on the water