Sunday, April 11, 2021

Kitesurfing Aspendale in big bay surf #530

Session 530. Strong winds whipped up some big surf in Port Phillip Bay.  The 6m kite is great in these conditions - its fun surfing the waves without getting dragged off them.  I don't get to use it often but I enjoy it when I do.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Kitesurfing Hampton in solid 30 knots #529

Session 529. A solid 30 knots whipped up some good waves at Hampton. Anthony and I decided to give it a go. Getting out through the shore break was challenging. I was considering stepping off the groyne but the rocks in the water were slippery. I was able to get out from the main Hampton beach. 

The bay swells were breaking over the reef between the two groynes and further out. The Union 6m kites was very stable. I even depowered it for a while. 

Sunday, April 04, 2021

Kitesurfer Brian Kiss von Soly completes epic kitesurfing journey down the Australian coast to Aspendale

Brian Kiss von Soly completed the final leg of his epic kitesurfing journey down the east coast of Australia today. 

Photo: Brian Kiss von Soly

Brian started his trip from near Brunswick Heads in Northern New South Wales on 28 December.  Brian completed his journey (and a world record attempt) on Sunday 4 April 2021 at Aspendale in Port Phillip Bay.

Brian on the beach at Aspendale. Photo: Brian Kiss von Soly 

The long kitesurfing journey is over, Aspendale. Photo: Brian Kiss von Soly

Here is Brian's track log

The voyage took 86 days (26 days kiting) and Brian covered more that 1,700 kilometres to reach Melbourne.

Brian has a camp marked on the 90 Mile Beach but it looks like he did in one go.

Check out his route around Wilsons Promontory - that was a big day.

Brian Kiss von Soly kitesurfer, credit: Jonathon Carroll

Brian carried lightweight camping gear in a waterproof backpack and a Personal Locater Beacon for emergency communications.

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