Sunday, July 22, 2018

Cracking winter kitesurfing at Rosebud in "tropical" weather

Session 448.  A cracking winter kitesurfing at Rosebud in "tropical" weather - one of my best there.  Got down there at 9 with James, Stu S, Jop, Luca, Mike and Richard with the wind blowing a steady 20 knots and a high tide.

It was easy to get out to the first sandbar where some good waves were breaking.  Azure green water, sunshine and good wind were a magic combination.  It felt tropical, except for the chilled water.

I did some nice speed runs on the flat water lagoon close to shore with the sandbars all covered.

The waves were so good I did a downwinder towards Rye and got back with a few tacks.

There were lots of smiles on dials after this session! 

Stu S, Jop, Luca and I had a relaxing lunch and coffee in the warmth of The Corner Cafe

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Short winter kitesurfing session and flukey wind at Frankston

Session 447. Another chilly morning and a northerly.  Some of the crew head for Rosebud.  Stu S, Jop, Luca and I decided to have a go at Frankston. The wind was sideshore at Seaford so we drove down to the car park next to Waves on The Beach cafe/restaurant.  There is also a lot of sand on this beach.

We had some nice runs for about 30 minutes but the wind was getting weaker closer to shore - I think it had some east in it.  I stayed out for a couple of more tacks and noticed that the other three were all on the shore with their kites down, so I thought it prudent to head in to avoid a long swim from offshore.

Getting closer to shore the wind dropped right off. Looping the kite got me in a bit closer until it dropped and I walked to the shore. Luca grabbed my kite.

We packed up and went to Cafe Moto for coffee and muffins.

Winter wind can be very fickle, so it pays to be cautious. It picked up gain after an hour.  The guys at Rosebud had good consistent wind.

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Kitesurfing Hampton to Brighton on the big kite, almost made it back too

Session 446. I arrived at Hampton with about 18 knots of wind blowing.  I rigged up my Union 10m but it dropped just before I entered the water.  I wasn't able to really get going so I landed the kite and packed it away in the car.

I was about to drive home but the wind picked up a bit - 16 knots at Fawkner Beacon - so I pumped up my Ocean Rodeo Flite 14.5 (the "Session Saver") and headed out.

Its a miracle kite.  You can get going nicely when there "isn't quite enough wind".  I got out past the groynes then down to and past Green Point.  A couple of kites were in the air at Brighton close the beach.

The sun was shining and the wind was nice and  I kited right through a large flock of birds in a feeding frenzy above a school of fish. Life is good!

I turned around at Brighton marina and dodged through four racing sailing dingys then set a tack back to Green Point.  I didn't quite make it around on the first tack but I did on the second, wary of the reef at the point.

Then the wind dropped. I re-powered the kite to no avail so I came into the beach near a groyne and landed.

Winter wind can be fickle.  I was happy it didn't conk out when I was some distance offshore.

It was really good to get this session after yesterday's no go.

Saturday, July 07, 2018

Over 35 knots and no beach at Seaford or Aspendale so no kitesurfing

There was a strong wind forecast at Seaford. I got there at dawn and it was really pumping. The beach was practically non-existent, so launching would have been difficult, particularly with the fence there. Nobody else showed up so I decided not to go out.

I had a nap in the car and woke to hail on the windscreen.  Definitely winter conditions.  I drove up to Cafe Moto for a good coffee and some scrambled eggs for breakfast.

I then checked out Aspendale - the waves were washing right up to the boardwalk and the dunes there too.

Conditions were better up at Brighton but I pulled the pin, visited a mate, checked out some pod campers, then drove home.





Cafe Moto

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