Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Kitesurfing Mentone in a strong easterly #510

Session 510. A strong gusty easterly at Mentone made for some interesting kitesurfing. I rigged my 8m Union kite to the bottom knots (depowered) and headed out on full depower to find there was almost too much wind at around 25 knots, gusting above 30!  The new Cross board was great surfing on the bay rollers.  

There was a guy out using a foil wing who was coping with the windy conditions very well. No other kiters were out but I could see a couple off Ricketts Point.

I did a few small jumps but avoided going into orbit.  

A lovely sunny day - I enjoyed just being there.  Here is the video:

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Kitesurfing at Beaumaris - SO GOOD to be on the water again #509

Session 509. Back on the water kitesurfing at Beaumaris!  This is session I will remember after months (133 days) of COVID-19 lockdown. The travel restriction from home was lifted to 25km so I am now at last able to get to some bayside beaches.

A good 18 knot southerly was on at 2 pm,.  This was also my first session on the new board I bought yesterday - a North Cross - which was fantastic.  So light, turns fast, goes upwind well and is good to gybe.

I headed up to Ricketts Point to have a look around and was the only one there. My hip has been sore recently and my leg muscles a bit out of whack so the cross winder to Aspendale was not an option.

I surfed the swell and small reef breaks back to the yacht club and had a short break on the beach. Heading out again the wind picked up - I could see another storm front coming so I headed in.  The wind increased by 10 knots and the kiters out on the water had some dramas, I was happy to be on the beach.

So good to catch with the crew too, there was a great turnout and lots of big smiles.