Saturday, June 27, 2020

Standup Paddle Boarding at Thirteenth beach - cool and punchy waves

Headed for the 13th Beach on the West Coast for a change of location with Mike. The waves were much bigger and punchy than the breaks around Shoreham and I found the SUP to be more tippy in the open ocean. 

There was a good rip so getting out the back was not too difficult. There were some surfers - they were quite spread out.

I caught some really nice waves that were fast and powerful.

I had some big wipeouts too, losing my paddle one.  I was looking around for it in the whitewash for a while before I spotted it washed up on the beach.

Stopped for a nice beer at the Bells Beach Brewery in Torquay on the way home.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Another nice kitesurfing session at Rye

Session 508. The strong northerly had subsided when I got down to Rye at 1:00 pm. There were a lot of kiters out in the cool refreshing wind.  I had a nice session on my 8m kite. I did a run down past the Rye pier and back.  Really good to be kiting, just being there.  

Stopped for a coffee and a late lunch in Rye, its good to see some shops and cafes open again. 

Here's a short video

And some photos