Monday, November 27, 2023

Albany - Shoal Bay kitesurfing flatwater #575 & 576

Session 575, 576A &B.  The wind was stronger at 30+ knots and with some North in it so we headed to Albany to check out suitable locations.

Albany Shoal Bay flatwater kite spot

First stop was Middleton Beach. The wind was over 30 knots and onshore with waves closing out. Nobody was keen.

Middleton Beach SLSC

Middleton Beach 

Second stop was Vancouver Beach. It was a hike out over sand flats and the wind direction was not good either.
Vancouver Beach

Third stop was Goode Beach with similar conditions to Middleton Beach.  Too much wind!

Goode Beach

Goode Beach

Christian from Kitebud was in the area and tipped us off about the Albany Shoal Bay Kite spot so we headed there.  The wind was good and the water was flat so we rigged up on the narrow sand beach and headed out.

Albany Shoal Bay flatwater kite spot

It was great kitesurfing. Good speed, long runs and great boosting. The water was shallow with weed close to the surface.  I tacked out looking for deeper water but I didn't find any.  

I caught my fins a few times in the weed and fell off.  Coming back in I header over to the butter smooth water where a couple of wind surfers were.  There was weed there too. I asked one how they could manage the weed with their big fins - they are using special smaller weed fins.

Gaz was doing some great boosts!

Christian he checked out my bar and tuned it - adjusting the front lines and the safety line.  I hadn't done that for a while so it was great to get it sorted.

He also lent me a demo kite - the Airush Lift 9m.  It has 5 struts and was nice to fly. Its designed for big air, boosting and kiteloops.

We drove back to Denmark and had a good final dinner in the Denmark Tavern. 

Albany Shoal Bay flatwater kite spot

Albany Shoal Bay flatwater kite spot

Albany Shoal Bay flatwater kite spot

The crew - Albany Shoal Bay flatwater kite spot

First session - Union 10m #575

Second session - Airush Lift #576A

Third session - Airush Lift  #576B

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Parry Beach kitesurf in bigger waves and blue water #573 & 574

Session 573 & 574 at Parry Beach. 

We drove to Ocean Beach first. The entrance to Wilson Inlet was flowing out fast and the wind was not getting into the launch zone.  Mike and Leigh kited there yesterday and said the launch was sketchy.  

We then visited Hillier Beach - a lovely beach with a dramatic backdrop but there is a lot of reef in the shallows and the wind direction was not good.

We headed for Parry Beach again where the wind was good.  We drove further along the beach to start kitesurfing. The full crew were on the water so it was busy at times.

The bigger surf made it challenging to get out the back. I went downwind while trying to get through the big waves. I eventually to out the back and tacked all the way back over deep blue water.  There were many dark shadows beneath me but they were reef and rocks (not moving!)

There was a cross chop on the swell which made it difficult to get back upwind at times.

Riding in the big waves was scary and fun.  There was good wind again, I was well powered on my Union 8.

Gaz cooked up a superb lunch of Ruby Snapper and snags on the beach - hands down the best kitesurfing lunch I have ever had!

Gary was enjoying the strong wind and boosting well.  

Session 573. In the surf.

After lunch I headed out again but was having some difficulty staying upwind. My kite was a bit soft, I should have pumped it up!  I headed downwind and got the Western end of the beach then did some runs in the flat water between waves.

The kite eventually lost more air and stared jelly fishing so I landed and packed up for the day.

Session 574. Downwinder

For a trip summary and map of see Kitesurfing Augusta, Parry Beach and Albany in South West WA - trip summary 

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Parry Beach kitesurfing with good wind and surf #571, 572

Two excellent kitesurfing sessions today at Parry Beach.  There is ramp down to the beach and its allowed to drive on the beach. We headed along to near the inlet mouth, parked on the beach and setup for kiting in a good wind.

The waves were a good size but not consistent size.  The wind was strong for my 8m kite, I could have used my 6 that I left at home.

Memo to self: always bring a good quiver irrespective of forecasts!

Kiting up inside the reef and boulders at the West end of the beach was interesting.

The WA crew jointed us around midday and things got busy.

We drove to the Denmark Good Food Factory for a great coffee and lunch.

Overall, a great day kitesurfing!

We had dinner at the excellent Boston Brewing Co out of Denmark - good food and beer

Boston Brewing Co

First session #571. 

Second session #572. 

Friday, November 24, 2023

Kitesurfing Augusta WA in surf and flatwater #570

Session 570. The first session of our kitesurfing trip to Western Australia. The out-of-season heatwave with very strong hot easterly winds over Perth and up as far as Geraldton (our planned destination) resulted in a very poor wind forecast for Geraldton so we changed our location to South West WA where the wind forecast was much better.

The most of the Vic crew assembled at Perth airport - Anthony, Mike, Garry, Tony, Tarren and myself - then drove from to near Bunbury to meet the Gaz and Adam from the WA crew.

Leigh and Dan arrived later and headed directly to Denmark WA.  We drove to Augusta for our first session. 

The wind was light - I was initially underpowered on my 12m kite but it picked up.

The waves were good and the flat water lagoon was a hoot.

Then it was a long drive to our accommodation in Denmark.


Saturday, November 11, 2023

Frankston to Mentone kitesurfing downwinder #569

Session 569. The wind and weather was good for a downwinder so we took the opportunity to kitesurf from Frankston to Mentone and weren't disappointed.

The bay surf was good, the sun was shining and the wind was solid.