Monday, November 23, 2020

Kitesurfing downwinder Waratah Bay in good surf

Session 513.  A strong easterly was blowing so we headed to the section of beach at Waratah Bay  that I scope out yesterday - there was plenty of wind and it was cross shore.  We left some cars at Waratah Bay then drove back to the start.  I was on the water quickly and enjoying some great waves.

The surf was nice - easy to get out with occasional bigger wave to ride back in.  The water was lovely green colour and very clean.  It took a while for everyone to get on the water then I headed down going out and catching waves back in.  I scored three great waves, with the North Cross board turning on them fast and smooth.

It would have been possible to kite all the way to Walkerville with that wind direction, but I was tired and a bit sore by the time we got to Waratah Bay and the wind picked up to 30 knots.

We headed to Inverloch for lunch then the gang had a good session in Andersen Inlet with about 20 knots of wind. I took some photos from the beach, resting my hip.

Back to the kite cabin for another restful night.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Kitesurfing Sandy Point surf beach

Session 512. The long overdue kitesurfing weekend with the lads finally happened.  My hip was sore enough to stop me kiting for the morning session in the surf at Sandy Point so I took some photos of the lads in action.

I drove to Waratah Bay for a look and discovered there was good wind along the beach out 1km from the hamlet - a downwinder back to Sandy Point would be good (with a car shuffle).

After lunch my hip was feeling a better so I ventured out for a short enjoyable session.

Sandy Point delivered again.  It was not to difficult to pick gaps heading out through the waves and there were some big ones to catch coming in.  I was out the back a couple of times thinking I was past the break when monster waves loomed up.  Here's a short video with a cameo from Stuart

The wind dropped a bit so I came in - and my hip was getting a bit sore too.  Great to get in a session after having the morning off.

We had dinner at Fish Creek hotel, then 3 of us went to my "kite cabin" at Walkerville for a good night's sleep.

Thursday, November 05, 2020

Kitesurf downwinder Hampton to Port Melbourne

Session 511. There was good southerly wind today so a downwinder was on. I left Hampton on my 8m kite and surfed some bay rollers down to Green Point where the reef break was working with some good waves.

On to Brighton past a couple of windsurfers and only 2 kite on the beach.  Past Brighton Marina then onto Elwood finding some good swells along the way.

The surf at Elwood was good and the reefs a bit further along were working too - although one was very shallow.  I kited into the St Kilda Marina where there were a couple of kites out then continued on past Middle Park to Port Melbourne.

Really good to get in a downwinder - I am not very kite fit yet so this was a good workout and a scenic tour.  Anthony met me in Port Melbourne and drove me back to Hampton which was greatly appreciated and saved me a tram and train trip back. We had a good coffee and some lunch.

The North Cross board was great for fast turns but its lighter in the chop - I will hang onto the Nugget as a weapon of choice for big downwinders.

Here is a really cool animation of the trip using

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Kitesurfing Mentone in a strong easterly

Session 510. A strong gusty easterly at Mentone made for some interesting kitesurfing. I rigged my 8m Union kite to the bottom knots (depowered) and headed out on full depower to find there was almost too much wind at around 25 knots, gusting above 30!  The new Cross board was great surfing on the bay rollers.  

There was a guy out using a foil wing who was coping with the windy conditions very well. No other kiters were out but I could see a couple off Ricketts Point.

I did a few small jumps but avoided going into orbit.  

A lovely sunny day - I enjoyed just being there.  Here is the video:

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Kitesurfing at Beaumaris - SO GOOD to be on the water again

Session 509. Back on the water kitesurfing at Beaumaris!  This is session I will remember after months (133 days) of COVID-19 lockdown. The travel restriction from home was lifted to 25km so I am now at last able to get to some bayside beaches.

A good 18 knot southerly was on at 2 pm,.  This was also my first session on the new board I bought yesterday - a North Cross - which was fantastic.  So light, turns fast, goes upwind well and is good to gybe.

I headed up to Ricketts Point to have a look around and was the only one there. My hip has been sore recently and my leg muscles a bit out of whack so the cross winder to Aspendale was not an option.

I surfed the swell and small reef breaks back to the yacht club and had a short break on the beach. Heading out again the wind picked up - I could see another storm front coming so I headed in.  The wind increased by 10 knots and the kiters out on the water had some dramas, I was happy to be on the beach.

So good to catch with the crew too, there was a great turnout and lots of big smiles.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Lockdown impact kitesurfing in Victoria again

The COVID-19 virus continues to have a major impact on kitesurfing activities in Victoria, particularly for people who live in the Greater Melbourne areas. 

Stage 3 lockdown for Greater Melbourne were reimposed on 7 July 2020 with the following impacts:

    • Valid reasons for leaving home are shopping for food and essential items, exercise and permitted work.
    • Driving to a location (e.g. kitesurfing beach) was not permitted.
    Kitesurfing was only possible for people who could walk to their local kitesurfing location.

    Stage 4 lockdown for Greater Melbourne were imposed on 2 August 2020 with the following impacts:

    • Valid reasons for leaving home are shopping for food and essential items, exercise and permitted work.
    • Travel only allowed within 5km of home
    • 1 hour permitted for exercise
    This has made kitesurfing impossible for everyone except the lucky few who live less than 5km from a local kitesurfing location.

    Stage 3 lockdown for the rest of Victoria on 2 August 2020 don't have as much impact - people are able to travel to kitesurfing locations and kitesurf, but not in the Melbourne lockdown area.

    I haven't been on the water since our SUP session at Thirteenth Beach on 27 June - that is 78 days off the water now. 

    Cabin fever has well and truly set in. I have been doing local bike rides to get out and about to keep fit, but I am really missing kitesurfing. 

    The 5km zone and travel restrictions will only be removed on 26 October, and only if the COVID-19 case threshold is met.


    Sunday, July 05, 2020

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