Saturday, March 16, 2024

Three days in Helsinki among happy Finns

First stop of our 2024 Norway ski trip was Helsinki to have a look around.

The flight from Doha to Helsinki with Finnair was excellent with great food and service. I watched two Finnish movies - the gory but entertaining Sisu set in WWII and Lapua 1976 (2023) about a tragic explosion that decimated a town.

I also watched a documentary about Finland and why is rated the happiest country in the world for the seventh year in a row.  

"According to Frank Martela, a Finnish philosopher and psychology researcher, Finnish people are happy because they have a strong sense of community and relatedness, do good deeds for other people, and find a clear purpose for themselves."

The Finns don't try or pretend to be happy. Their trust in government is a contributing factor too.

We stopped in Helsinki for three days to get a feel for city. The public transport was excellent, including the train from the airport. It was chilly at around -5C with snow on the ground.

We visited the harbour, three churches and off course some gear shops. There was still snow around and some of the harbour was still frozen. Lots to see and do. There Finns were very friendly and helpful.

We took a short ferry ride to the historic Suomenlinna fort world heritage site. It was very atmospheric with ice on the surrounding water and interesting ramparts and fortifications.

We stayed at Hotel Arthur.  Good central location, great breakfast and good rooms.

Helsinki Cathedral

Uspenski Cathedral

Uspenski Cathedral

Presidential Palace

Helsinki Olympic Stadium

Sibelius Monument

Tourist souvenir shop

Temppeliaukio Church

Snow clearing in progress



Kappeli restaurant

Ravintola Kuunari Kathrina

Sea baths and sauna

Auroransilta bike path bridge

Auroransilta bike path bridge

Baana cycle way

Helsinki  Station



Helsinki harbour

Helsinki harbour and sauna

Ferry to Denmark

Submarine Vesikko

Restaurant Adlerfelt

Herring at Restaurant Adlerfelt