Saturday, December 24, 2022

Kitesurfing the Flinders reef break

I took this video of the crew kitesurfing the reef break at Flinders on Sat 18 December.  I have tennis elbow so was unable to kite this time.

Flinders is a great place to kitesurf when the wind gets in there but its for experienced kitesurfers only. It is a long swim back to the beach if you tangle your kite or have an equipment failure.

Sunday, August 21, 2022

Kitesurfing Kaliantan cruising to the reef and speed runs #559

Kitesurfing session 559. We got a lift in the van again to Kaliantan around noon.  We parked near Tampa Boleq again (easy access for the van) and walked the short distance to the kite beach. The vehicle track to the kiting location is rougher.

I took my 10m kite but there was less wind around 15 knots - I could have used my 12. Taking both kites is best! 

I tacked out to the reefs, then did a slalom run back to the beach then some speed runs in the lagoon.

The water was clear and warm and the weather was good.

Stu S dropped his kite in the light wind and got dragged through one of the aquaculture constructions. Somehow he threaded his way through it and managed to relaunch his kite.

Another great day kitesurfing.

Hermann helping out

Kitebeach, Pantai Cemara

Kiting past aquaculture

Kite high!

Surfing Inside Ekas from Ekas Panorama, Lombok

The two Stuarts and I took an outrigger canoe to the Inside Ekas surf break in the morning. There were around 15 people surfing there.  People come across from Kuta by boat and also from access point below Ekas Surf Resort (who have one SUP for hire).

The reef break was clean but not too easy to catch. I wasn't having much success on my the surfboard I rented from Ekas but it was great to be out there watching others carve up the waves.

I eventually caught one and got a good ride in then headed back to the canoe feeling quite tired. Surfing is hard work for me - lots of paddling and my sternum was tender from the harness pressure in yesterday's very strong winds.

Some days there is no surf at this location. Outside Ekas reef break generally has bigger waves.

We headed back to Kaliantan in the afternoon for more kitesurfing.

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Epic first kitesurfing at Kaliantan beach Lombok #558

Session 558. Our first day kitesurfing of the trip at Kaliantan was everything we had hoped for. 

We headed toff after lunch in a van to Pantai Cemara, the location now favoured for kitesurfing, which is to the east of Kaliantan. The driver took us close to Tampah Boleq as the vehicle track into the kitesurfing location is quite rough. We walked around the corner to get to the kite beach.

The wind was howling around 25-30 knots.  

This spot is around the corner from the main Kaliantan beach and has a nice sandy beach. The wind is cross onshore and there is a good tack out into deeper water in the lagoon.  

There is a local kitesurfing school operating there. Herman and the friendly guys from Kitesurf Lombok provided us with good assistance launching and landing kites and advice on local conditions.  They are based at the nearby  Kaliantan Paradise Bungalow and can provide local food at the beach if you order it. They also have accommodation in bungalows.

I would have used my 8m kite if I had it. I borrowed Stu's 10m Union, rigged the lower knots and headed out close to overpowered.

This is the strongest wind by far I have encountered in Indonesia - its worth packing a smaller kite for this location!

The water is warm and the sun was blazing. The reef had a good cover of water at the high tide,

We tacked out to the reef break next to the channel which had a serious rip going out through it. The waves were big and a bit intimidating. I was overpowered and finding it difficult to stay on them.

Kaliantan beach

Kaliantan beach

Walking to Pantai Cemara

Pantai Cemara - kite beach