Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dawn patrol kitesurfing at St Kilda

Session 258.  We got to St Kilda ahead of Melbourne's peak hour at 7 a.m.  The wind had just dropped from around 25 knots to under 20, but with strong wind at South Channel we decided to take out our medium size kites.  I was first on the water with my Lithium 9 and S-quad surfboard.  The water was cold and noticeably grey compared to further south in the bay.  

Out past the breakwater the wind was good and a nice swell was rolling in. The wind picked up and I was nicely powered.  I did some nice jumps and get in close to the breakwater and onto the flat water behind it for some fast runs.  Coming back out, the waves formed nice ramps to launch off. 

I cranked out a few downloop slaloms which were nice.  Tarren and Stuart were honing their tricks and James was having a ball.  

After about an hour we came in and packed up to head into work.  All good things must come to an end.

A great way to start the day.

GPS log

Moving Time:1:04:28
Elapsed Time:1:07:17
Avg Speed:21.7 km/h
Avg Moving Speed:22.7 km/h
Max Speed:42.3 km/h

Monday, October 28, 2013

Seaspecs - all models now available in store

All models of Seaspecs are now available in Peters Kitesurfing Store.  

You can choose any of the following combination of colours and lenses and pickup a quality sports sunglasses for a great price.

Jetspecs: black frame, grey lens (the most popular)

Sunset specs: black frame, brown lens

Cobalt: blue frame, grey lens

Copper blaze: copper colour frame, grey lens

Crystal: black frame, clear lens

Lightning: white frame, grey lens

Soleil: yellow frame, grey lens

Sunfire: red frame, grey lens

Tortuga: Tortoise shell frame, brown lens

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nice upwind kitesurfing tour from Aspendale to Mordialloc

Session 257. I got on the water at Gnotuk Avenue Aspendale at about 11am. The wind was stronger earlier - I missed the early session - but was still around 15 knots with some white caps around. I chatted the only other kiter there who had taken out a 10m kite and struggled to stay upwind.

I rigged up my Lithium 12, then chose to take out my Sector 60 board in case the wind dropped out further. This was a refresher for the Sector 60. I came off a few times when turning, but got the hang of it quickly. The turning is very different from a surfboard - I find I need to keep carving it around then lean back to complete the turn then swap my feet.

I was getting plenty of speed and going upwind well so I did several tacks out then back to shore into the waves. I got past Mordialloc pier without much effort then headed back past the pier with some fast downwind runs and into the waves.

I was did several downloop turns heelside to toeside to stay on some waves which was really nice. The Sector 60 handles these conditions well.

I came in after an hour, very happy to have got on the water again and covered some distance.

No technology today.  GPS was flat and I left my cameras behind.  I did see a few Blue Blubber jellyfish in the water though.  They seem to be about earlier this year.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Kitesurfing a brisk north westerly at Brighton

Session 256.   I arrived at Brighton and 2pm and met Cesar who had just returned with 4 other kiters from Frankston by taxi, having completed a downwinder from Brighton!  Unfortunately I had a commitment in the morning so I missed this one.

There was still good wind at Brighton however, so I rigged up and headed out.  I notice one strap on the camera mount was undone so I came in and refitted it.  Then it was on!  Nice strong wind in the sunshine.  It was up and down a bit but I was well powered (depowered even) for a lot of this session.

Several larger yachts passed offshore, possibly racing.  I cruised past a few of them and waved.  My gybes are much smoother now, practice makes perfect . . .  I did a few jumps too.  There were about a dozen kiters out and everyone was having a good time.

Summer is on its way.

GPS log