Sunday, February 09, 2020

Kitesurfing Shoreham to Flinders, great surf at West Head

Session 500. A milestone and a cracking session too!  Mike, Stu W, Stu S and myself kited from Shoreham in the continuing easterly, not quite as strong as yesterday.  There weren't any good waves on the way to Flinders so we kept going past the pier and out to West Head.

A large grey seal was visible on the rocks as I tacked out.  The reef break was pumping with some big sets coming through.  There was plenty of water over the reef and the break was well defined so we caught some excellent waves.  I peeked around West Head to get a view of the rocky coastline to the west.

After several good waves we turned to head back, initially well powered.  Then a lull came, my kite hit the water but I was looking into a beach so I wasn't concerned about drifting in.  The wind changed and came in strong enabling me to relaunch and continue back.

Very tired but satisfied - this was one of my best kitesurfing tours - variety, surf, some wildlife and marvellous scenery.


Saturday, February 08, 2020

Kitesurfing Shoreham to Flinders in a good easterly - superb!

Session 499.  On the water at Shoreham at 8:30 with a nice easterly. Kitesurfed the small swell at Little Noosa break just off Shoreham then headed south along the coast. The best swell was coming into the The Farm break with some good sets rolling into the beach.

Lots of reef around though, I hit one when turning and the board sank into the water.  I continued up towards the Flinders Pier for a look then headed back enjoying the large swells.

If you haven't kited in this area before take it easy and have a good look around for the first time until you suss out the reefs and bombies.

A great time was had by Stu S, Stu W, James and myself.  Ear to ear grins at the finish after a superb session. We stopped for a good coffee at the Merrricks General Store on the way home.

Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Foiling at St Kilda, getting better but still learning

Session 498. Another go at kitesurf foiling, still very much learning. I got going on the port tack and was able to keep the board either on the water or up on the foil with any major problems. I was focusing on controlling the board and not going too fast. 

It was more difficult on the starboard tack, as I recall this was the case fourteen years ago when learning to kitesurf. 

I edging the board which caused it to keep carving in, eventually my feet came out and my shins hit the defined edge of the Double Agent board (similar to a twin tip edge).  Ouch!  Some bruising was evident later. I headed back to the beach and walked back.

Once again I conclude that learning to use a foil board is not easy but I am making progress.

Modern freestyle boards are much easier to use and learn on, but I intend to persist with the Double Agent until I can cruise around and stay upwind.