Sunday, May 22, 2011

Better wind at Brighton, a nice speed day

Session 136, Sunday 22 May 2011

Kite: Noise 12
Wind: 20-25 knots, N
Location: Brighton Beach
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Board: Naish Haize twin tip

GPS data
  • Max speed: 42.6 km/h
  • Trip: 27.1 km
  • Average speed: 21.1 km/h
  • Time: 1:17

Another winter northerly was on today, so I headed to Brighton for another session.  There were about 5 kites on the beach when I arrived at about 2pm, the wind had just dropped.  It soon picked up again and I got on the water with haste.

The wind was better than yesterday and not too gusty.  I was well powered on the 12m Noise, eventually depowering it to compensate for the strength.  It got up to 25 knots, but I was able to cope well enough using the depower.  

I did a few fast tacks and jumps, crashing once at speed and loosing my board.  I body-dragged upwind to get it.   I then headed upwind to the Brighton Marina.  There were a few other kiters in the vicinity. I could see several kites inside the marina too.  On the way upwind I spotted a small dinghy yacht capsized with an inflatable in attendance.  I cruised past, a fair way offshore, but all was OK.

Zoom zoom zoom

I eventually entered the marina, and immediately regretted it.  The wind speed was lower and it was gustier. I couldn't make it out again, so I headed into the flat water, but it was basically a waste of time.  The kite shot ahead of the wind in a strong gust then fell out of the sky into the water.  I relaunched it, walked across the sand bar, then headed back out past the rock wall, only just making it.

I then headed back to Brighton, well powered and zooming along.  I did more jumps to go downwind, but I was reluctant to try anything too ambitious as crashing and tangling the kite in this crossshore/offshore would mean a lengthy an tiring self rescue.

I felt much better today after yesterday's refresher.  Regular kitesuring certainly contributes to improved safety.


Stuart Tarzan Man said...

Sans helmet today ? New strategy, or did you forget it. Interested to hear that you went in to the marina - I've never tried that out. Is that the bit beside the dog park ?

Peter Campbell said...

I forgot my helmet. Felt a bit weird without it, particularly when I boosted what seemed like 5m on one jump! I don't recommend the marina, there is not much water there, its shallow, and there are heaps of mutts on the beach with their owners. The wind is fluky and its quite hard to get back out.

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