Thursday, December 31, 2020

Kitesurfing Walkerville past Digger Island #516

Session 516. Second session at Walkerville and last kitesurfing for 2020. The wind was light at the beach, it took me a few tacks to get out past the reef into a nice 20 knot easterly.

I cruised past Bird Island an on past Digger Island, noticing another limestone kiln ruin.  I rounded the corner to look along the coast towards Bear Gully.  The wind was a bit lighter there so I turned and headed back.  A very rocky shoreline along this section of coast with nowhere to land.

The swell was building and he wind got stronger as I approached Bird Island. I saw another kiter there which was a surprise.  I surfed some rollers then did a long tack past the campground to the sandy beach towards Waratah Bay.

The swell coming back was nice and the wind direction was perfect for the return tack along the shore. The distant squall offshore toward the Prom I was keeping on didn't arrive. The other kiter was kiting just along from Bird Island.

I landed at the beach access ramp without drama and the kite dropped in a lull.  This was a memorable session - good waves and wind and great tour.

I chatted to Mick, another kiter staying in Walkerville who was keen to get out for a kite, he had a look at Sandy Point today and said there were 10 kiters in Shallow Inlet and it was very gusty.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Kitesurfing Walkerville down along reef to the beach and back past Bird Island #515

Session 515. Scored my first session at Walkerville in a good easterly.  There was sand to launch from with the tide receding from high. Once on the water I tacked north coming in close to the reef.  After a few tacks I got down as far as the sandy beach north of the camping ground, dodging a few section of reef that occur further out. 

My right leg was holding up OK with the effort although it was still not 100% and pain in my hip and thighs caused by a disk bulge in my bag compressing a nerve causing radiating pain.

I was able to tack upwind past Walkerville South and Bird Island enjoying the scenery, then on towards Diggers Island. The coast is very rocky in this section so its definitely not a good place to drop your kite or swim in.  Walkerville South has a nice beach that would be suitable for launching and landing kites but its in a cove so the wind would not often get in there.

Coming back past Bird Island I surfed some swells then continued on in towards the beach and Walkerville North. In close to shore I carefully stepped my way through the reef (booties are essential) to get to the sand where the boat vehicle access track descends to the beach. then landed the kite on the sand.

This was a very scenic tour and good kiting once clear of the reefs, but its definitely not a place for beginners.  The reef is gnarly and there are very limited launching and landing options.

Here's the video 

Sunday, December 06, 2020

Kitesurfing downwinder Aspendale to Frankston on the Wave 6 #514

Session 514. My sore hip is feeling much better and the MRI last week didn't show any major problems (despite the pain!) so it was time for some more kitesurfing with a solid westerly blowing. 

I got to Aspendale at 11:00, James and Stuart were on the water. I got on the water after a squall passed on my Airush Wave 6 aiming to enjoy the bay surf.  After a couple of tacks I headed downwind enjoying the waves without the need to tack back.  There was good surf.  

There is now more yellow poles along the way with large sections marked as "no boating" so I stayed out past them. The Wave 6m kite is good for surfing - the last time I did this trip I was overpowered on my 8.  

Down past Seaford there were some other kiters out, then more down at Frankston.  I kiter on the beach landed my kite saving me the hassle of releasing the safety.  He had access to a kiters bathing box right on the beach that is owned by a local kiter. That's the first time I have seen one used for kiting and its a great setup.

I stopped for lunch in Frankston then boarded the train back to Aspendale.  There is a now a bonus view on the train trip back with the new elevated Carrum station providing a great view across the bay.

My hip was fine afterwards which was a relief.

Here is a cool 3D animation of the trip

Video to follow.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Kitesurfing downwinder Waratah Bay in good surf #513

Session 513.  A strong easterly was blowing so we headed to the section of beach at Waratah Bay  that I scope out yesterday - there was plenty of wind and it was cross shore.  We left some cars at Waratah Bay then drove back to the start.  I was on the water quickly and enjoying some great waves.

The surf was nice - easy to get out with occasional bigger wave to ride back in.  The water was lovely green colour and very clean.  It took a while for everyone to get on the water then I headed down going out and catching waves back in.  I scored three great waves, with the North Cross board turning on them fast and smooth.

It would have been possible to kite all the way to Walkerville with that wind direction, but I was tired and a bit sore by the time we got to Waratah Bay and the wind picked up to 30 knots.

We headed to Inverloch for lunch then the gang had a good session in Andersen Inlet with about 20 knots of wind. I took some photos from the beach, resting my hip.

Back to the kite cabin for another restful night.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Kitesurfing Sandy Point surf beach #512

Session 512. The long overdue kitesurfing weekend with the lads finally happened.  My hip was sore enough to stop me kiting for the morning session in the surf at Sandy Point so I took some photos of the lads in action.

I drove to Waratah Bay for a look and discovered there was good wind along the beach out 1km from the hamlet - a downwinder back to Sandy Point would be good (with a car shuffle).

After lunch my hip was feeling a better so I ventured out for a short enjoyable session.

Sandy Point delivered again.  It was not to difficult to pick gaps heading out through the waves and there were some big ones to catch coming in.  I was out the back a couple of times thinking I was past the break when monster waves loomed up.  Here's a short video with a cameo from Stuart

The wind dropped a bit so I came in - and my hip was getting a bit sore too.  Great to get in a session after having the morning off.

We had dinner at Fish Creek hotel, then 3 of us went to my "kite cabin" at Walkerville for a good night's sleep.

Thursday, November 05, 2020

Kitesurf downwinder Hampton to Port Melbourne #511

Session 511. There was good southerly wind today so a downwinder was on. I left Hampton on my 8m kite and surfed some bay rollers down to Green Point where the reef break was working with some good waves.

On to Brighton past a couple of windsurfers and only 2 kite on the beach.  Past Brighton Marina then onto Elwood finding some good swells along the way.

The surf at Elwood was good and the reefs a bit further along were working too - although one was very shallow.  I kited into the St Kilda Marina where there were a couple of kites out then continued on past Middle Park to Port Melbourne.

Really good to get in a downwinder - I am not very kite fit yet so this was a good workout and a scenic tour.  Anthony met me in Port Melbourne and drove me back to Hampton which was greatly appreciated and saved me a tram and train trip back. We had a good coffee and some lunch.

The North Cross board was great for fast turns but its lighter in the chop - I will hang onto the Nugget as a weapon of choice for big downwinders.

Here is a really cool animation of the trip using