Sunday, May 22, 2016

Kitesurfing Rosebud, first session with my Union 8

Session 376.  We went to Rosebud to get the good northerly wind, along with just about every other kiter in Melbourne!  I took out my 8m Airush Union for the first time and was very happy with it.  It is very similar to the 10 but a bit more nimble.

Look at all those kites!

The wind dropped a bit so I came in and swapped it for my 10. It was nice to have some more power and the waves were building in size.  I did a run up to toward the pier as it was very crowded further south - there must have been 300 kiters on the water!

It was enjoying being on the water again.  Then I tried a backroll that went wrong. My kite crashed hard leading edge down and burst the front bladder.  Should I have let go of the bar when the trick went wrong?  Possibly.

Luckily I had locked of the centre strut where the camera mount was so the kite stayed afloat.  I attached my leash to my board footstrap, wound in the lines and swam in.

The wind picked up again so I finished the session on my 8m kite.  The depower has a good range so I think this kite will work well in wind up to 35 knots, maybe more.


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dawn patrol winter kitesurfing at Brighton, great to back on the water!

Session 375.  First session after returning from Norway, really keen to get on the water. Tarren, James and I met at Brighton before work and scored some nice winter wind.  There was just enough to have some fun.  The northerlies this year seem a bit tame compared to previous years.

A great way to start the day and so good to be kiting again.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Nordfjellet - Kvaløya ski day 6

Nordfjellet 1000m, Ringvassøya.  More sensational views and a good ski descent. 13 May 2016

Kvaløya ski day 6, Norway ski day 15

We passed some roller skiers out training on our way to Nordfjellet on the island of Ringvassøya, our final ski peak for this trip.

A short climb through open forest got us onto the snow for the long climb up.  The angle was fairly easy and the weather was fine and sunny.

Expansive views across the fjords and to Tromso opened up as we climbed.

We gained the ridge and followed a narrow section wary of the cornice.

The ridge opened up again and just kept on coming. The summit views out to the ocean, to the north and back to the Kvaloya peaks were superb.

The snow on the descent was surprisingly good.  Nice and dry up to then good corn lower down.

The walk back through the trees was easy too.

A great finale to our tour with Off Piste Performance