Saturday, August 18, 2018

Kitesurfing Seaford to Daveys Bay

Session 451.  Warmer weather and smooth wind made for nice kitesurfing at Seaford.  After some tacks I headed south for a tour and got to Daveys Bay on one tack.  It was nice cruising and having a look around.

Coming close to the shore at Daveys Bay I found that there was a lot of reef under the waves.  I came to shore and picked a good location to start my trip back heading towards Seaford Pier.

I finished with a nice run down surfing waves back.  The waves were not very big due as the wind was not strong.

The water and scenery was beautiful and it was a nice kitesurfing tour.

Davey Bay

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Very cold kitesurfing at Aspendale in flukey wind

Session 450. A very cold for an early morning session.  The wind was flukey so I headed out on my Ocean Rodeo 14.5.  Plenty of power for a while but it was dropping right off closer to shore.  I had a break and chatted for a while until it picked up again and headed out for a second go.

The wind was better further out was good but I was wary of a long swim in. The waves were not huge, but it was cold and refreshing.

My 2mm Ripcurl Rubber Soul booties both have splits from the top and are not keeping my feet warm.

Tarren and I had a great coffee and chilli eggs with avocado at the Two Farm Girls cafe nearby, they have an excellent menu.

Then I bought some Ripcurl Flashbomb 3mm booties from Mordys Surf.  The thicker neoprene and flash fabric lining should make them nice and warm and the sole is not too thick.

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Kitesurfing bay waves Rosebud to Rye with good wind

Session 449. Good solid wind at Rosebud, enough for my Wave 6 kite.  The waves on the outer sandbank were a good size for surfing and the tide was high so it was easy to get out.

After several tacks out and surfing down the line I followed the others for an extended downwinder towards Rye Pier, enjoying the bay surf all the way down. 

It took several tacks to get back, tired but stoked after a great session.