Far North QLD kitesurfing

This is a map of kitesurfing locations and possible downwind tours in Far North Queensland.

Some notes on kitesurfing locations follow.

Port Douglas

In my opinion this is the best spot for kitesurfing for the following reasons:
  • 4 Mile Beach gets fairly reliable SE trade winds in the 15-25 knot range over much of winter - you can get by with one kite (e.g. a 10 or 12)
  • There are no crocs there - but stay clear of the Mowbray River mouth and the harbour: Dixons Inlet / Packers Creek (no kiting there anyway) 
  • You can do nice downwinders along 4 Mile Beach and catch the shuttle bus back
  • Bretto, the owner of Windswell, and his crew can assist with gear, advice, instruction and downwinders
  • You can do a big downwinder out to the Low Isles with boat support - Bretto can assist with this.
  • The downwinder from Pretty Beach back to 4 Mile Beach is superb.
When there is no wind you can:
  • visit Mosman Gorge, rainforest & walks, you might see a Cassowary.
  • SUP in the ocean, at Low Isles or down the Mosman River
  • Hire a bike or e-bike and ride from Port Douglas to 4 Mile Beach on the bike path
  • Cruise to Low Isles - great snorkelling. You may be able to take your kite out by arrangement
  • Dive on the outer reef (its a longish boat trip to get there)
  • Hang out downtown with the tourists
  • Visit Hartley's Crocodile farm - its well worth a look
  • Lunch at Thala Lodge and go for a walk in the nature reserve - a spectacular location but you need a car or bike to get there
  • Visit the Daintree rainforest on a day trip
  • Drive the coast road back towards Cairns and find a nice place for a swim, such as Ellis Beach
  • Walk to 4 Mile Beach Lookout on Flagstaff Hill

Yorkeys Knob

A popular spot close to Cairns.


  • You need a 4WD to get to the only place to kite (the beach near the Annan River), and its not guaranteed croc free.
  • There is much stronger wind the Port Douglas, so you are likely need a smaller kite
  • Further north, Kitesurfaris operate tours at a great kiting location near Cape Flattery, which is hard to get to.

Beaches around the Daintree

  • You need to be lucky with the wind and there are crocs about - not a great option
  • The Daintree River itself is croc central - don't go in the water anywhere near it.

Lizard Island

  • I haven't kited there, but by all accounts it is superb.  Great wind and a tropical island location with nice sandy beaches.
  • You need an extended boat cruise tour to get there, which Windswell can arrange.


  • Winter months (May to September) - the best time to kite anywhere in North Queensland, with clear skies and consistent trade winds.
  • Summer (December to February) - you can kitesurf, but the wind is very inconsistent, it is hot and marine stingers are present in the water.

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