Skiing Norway 2018

With Offpiste Performance

Kleppstadheia - Lofoten Islands ski day 1
A nice summit with views across to the islands of Gimsøy and Vestvågøy

Vagen, Smatinden - Lofoten Islands ski day 2
A classic Topptur peak close to Svolvaer.  Big climb, airy summit, two descents and finished down the north side

James Thacker skiing Smatinden
Followed by a cold dip in Hopen fjord
Hellostinden - Lofoten Islands ski day 3
Big summit with expansive views and fine ski descent

Sautinden and Pilan - Lofoten Islands ski day 4
Twin peaks, Pilan has a dramatic summit.  Skiing lower down on corn was the best.

Peter Campbell skiing final slope. Photo: James Thacker

Ryten - Lofoten Islands ski day 5
A small peak on Moskenesøya that has stunning views down to the sandy Klavika beach, but we were in the clouds.

Roger and Peter's roadtrip

Rundfjellet -  Lofoten Islands ski day 6
A towering peak with a short climb to the summit, more spectacular views and a great ski descent

Himmeltenden - Lofoten Islands ski day 7
Big summit very close to the sea. A steep sustained climb to the dramatic ridge and a steep ski down in soft wet snow.

Narvikfjellet, Narvik - Ski day 8
Ordinary weather in Narvik.  We skied up towards Narvikfjellet into the low cloud then down the piste. Great fish meals in Narvik!  In the afternoon we drove to Riskgransen in Sweden - their highest ski resort.

Steinskardtinden, near Tromso - Ski day 9
Lovely peak with great snow and views

Wildlife and other sights

We were very lucky to see a spectacular display of the Northern Lights the night we arrive at Hopen. The display lasted for about 10 minutes and danced around the night sky.  A triple helix band of fluxed and twisted directly over our heads.  It was astounding.

We were also very lucky to see two Moose close to the road.  They are spectacular animals, both huge and nimble.

An otter swam past our cabin in Svolvaer.  It turned to look at me then dived under the seaweed.

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