Friday, October 28, 2005

Lesson 1 - flying the kite

27 October 2005

These are notes from my first kiteboarding less with Matt at St Kilda, near where the old Beaconsfield Hotel is - a very popular spot with local kiteboarders. After several booking cancellations due to unfavourable weather conditions, I finally have a lesson.

I have been flying a 2.1m 4 line trainer kite for over a year as preparation.


  • Wind window
  • Power zone
  • Use figure 8s in half of wind window in direction of travel
  • Kite generates pull when turning – use this in lighter winds

  • Inflating kite – blow tubes to very firm and seal with Velcro
  • Put kite leading edge down, top to wind. Put sand onto wing either side of central bladder to keep it there.
  • Can walk with kite by holding onto leading edge in middle
Rigging the kite

  • Left side of bar – lines and thread stitching on lines are colour coded
  • TRAP: incorrectly rigged kite is uncontrollable – can be dragged

  • From edge of wind window to 12:00 – don’t launch directly or too much power generated.
  • Walk with kite in edge of wind window, holding top of bar and adjusting to keep flying – can walk into wind.
  • Used a 3m kite
  • Clipped into harness
  • Sitting & getting dragged through the sand
  • Lots of power
  • Flew figure eights – keep them tight
  • Use arms to steer, but harness to take weight of kite (not the bar)
  • Bar clip a bit tricky

It was great fun flying a bigger kite. Looking forward to the next lesson.

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