Thursday, March 01, 2007

Session 22: A downwinder to Brighton

The wind chart was good in the afternoon so I to go kitesurfing rather than bike racing. A Grade at Sandown has been very tough lately. I got to Hampton at about 5:30 and was on the water at 6:00 after untangling my lines. I tried my newly purchased battery operation Coleman pump for the first time. It is handy for filling the main bladder while pumping up the strut bladders manually. I think the new single fill bladders (like on my 7m Crossbow) make life easier too.

The wind seemed a bit low. I got going out OK (to the left), but couldn't keep the board speed up consistently coming back (to the right). Some others were managing better - perhaps they had bigger kites or better technique.

The Fawkner Beacon wind chart indicated about 18 to 15 knots but it did not seem that strong at Hampton and Brighton.

I decided to do a downwinder to Brighton rather than just flail about or go home. It was a good trip. I picked up a few good gusts and ended up sticking my nose around the point at Brighton near the railway station. I landed on the beach behind some bemused bathers then deflated my kite and walked the 1.5km back to my car.

Lighter winds are good for perfecting technique (or realising you don't have any), and downwinders are fun.

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