Friday, September 25, 2009

Kitesurfing GPS

I have had a few questions about the GPS I use for logging my kiting sessions. Currently, I am using a Garmin Foretrex 101 pictured below.

I don't quite trust the waterproofing, so I have taken the wrist band off and put in it a waterproof pouch, which I then put in the front pocket of my buoyancy vest. If I don't wear my vest I cannot use it, so I have also purchased a Pacqua waterproof arm pouch.

If you want to get serious and try for a speed record, you can read about which GPS units to use the Navi GT31 or Navi GT11 ) is recommended, at You can also upload your track logs to this site and compare with others how you are going.

For more information see GPS for kitesurfing - Kitesurfing Handbook


Boris T said...

Cool sweet idea, thanks.

Mat said...

hi, shouldn't be there some kind of note on the gps if it's waterproof or not? i want to check my speed too when kiting and am looking for the right device atm. was this one ok for you?


Peter Campbell said...

Mat, GPS units have a waterproof rating if they are waterproof. The Garmin Foretrex unit is rated for submersion to 1m.

However, there is a rubber grommet that you must position over the data plug. If this is not correctly seated problems could result.

Putting the unit in a proper waterproof bag provides better peace of mind.

Zephyr said...

For adventures and competitions, you can set Foretrex's timers to count down the start sequence of a race and sound audible alarms when a certain time has passed. You can resynchronize your timer at any time, you can do so with just one button press. The large-number display makes it easy to see data at a glance. And, like all Garmin handhelds, it's tough, IPX7 waterproof and easy to use with a few operating buttons.