Saturday, September 08, 2012

Hampton to Black Rock kitesurfing tour

Session 188. Saturday 8 September 2012 

Stuart and I headed out from Hampton in a nice WSW wind of around 23 knots.  We headed out past the Sandringham breakwater then South towards Half Moon Bay at Black Rock.  I rode some swells in to the Cerberus wreck, which is now almost completely awash and will presumably collapse soon.

The water was noticeably clearer up towards Black Rock compared to Hampton.

Cruising back, the wind dropped out so we came to shore and walked a short distance along the beach.  A squall came through with some better wind so we headed back out and did several tacks to get back past the breakwater.

I completed several gybes successfully, but stuffed up a few, including right in front of the Sandringham Yacht Club.  

I finished with successive "slalom turns" on the swell to get back to Hampton Beach.

I really nice session.  It's great to go for a bit of a tour.  Frankston beckons . . . next time maybe.

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Noe said...

Wicked !!

Anonymous said...

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