Sunday, July 10, 2016

Kitesurfing strong gusty northerly at Brighton

Session 379.  Back from NZ yesterday, really keen for some kitesurfing.  The wind obliged today with a northerly in the afternoon.  Stu W and I headed down for some Winter fun and weren't disappointed.

This was my first session on the replacement Airush 10m Union that Ivan from The Zu Boardsports gave me as a replacement for my damaged kite.  Great service!

The wind was strong and gusty.  A couple of times there were holes with almost no wind.  There were only 3 of us out for most of the time.  About four other kiters showed up towards the end when, unfortunately for them, the wind was dropping and some rain arrived.

The other kiter had a foilboard but left it on the beach after a short attempt to use it.  Not good conditions for learning.

As I was leaving a kiter rescued another kiter (with his kite packed down) by dragging him in close to the reef.  Not a good day for equipment failure either.

The water was chilly but not too cold.

I did some nice jumps but felt a bit rusty.  So good to be kiting again.  Speed, bay swell and some boosts; great fun.  Its hard now to imagine life without kiting.


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