Sunday, March 22, 2020

First outing on new Moses foil board at St Kilda

Session 503. My first session on my new Moses foil board I bought from Ivan and Paul at The Zu Boardsports.

The wind was stronger than I wanted - over 20 knots. I was able to get out past the lineup of learners at St Kilda.

Getting up on the board was fairly easy. I was able to get going and keep the board on the water with no major dramas. I rose on the foil a few times, it felt stable and predictable.

The increase in speed is incredible, I wasn't able to slow it down and feel stable. The forward balance to control the height is incredibly sensitive.

Out past the shelter of the breakwater the swell was more difficult to manage. I wasn't able to get going on the right tack.  The board was very hard to get in position with the wind pushing me towards shore. I gave up trying and body dragged back to shore with the board flat on the water upwind of my body which was easy.

Then the walk of shame back to me gear, a rank beginner again but feeling happy to make some progress without incident or injury!

What I learnt this session:
  • Strong wind and swell make learning to foil difficult - I think 15 knots would be better due to less swell.
  • Practising body dragging with the board is good
  • Small progressions are good
Next session I hope to:
  • Get more stable when on the foil out of the water
  • Turn (gybe) and ride toeside to get going in the opposite direction
  • Hopefully hold ground and go upwind to flat water behind the breakwater, then its game on!
Moses foil board details:

After some online research including this video and discussion with Ivan, I decided the freestyle surf 633 foil combined with the 483 rear stabiliser and the T30 carbon board would be best for continuing my learning and then for enjoyable freestyle kite foiling.  While a shorter 70cm mast would be easier for learning the 91cm mast will be better for handling bay swells in stronger winds.

More tips and information on kite foiling see Kitesurfing a foil board - Kitesurfing Handbook 

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