Friday, January 01, 2021

Kitesurfing the inlet at Inverloch - flat water #517

Session 517. I got a small piece of vegetation in my eye when we got up to see the first sunrise of 2021 at Walkerville. I couldn't get it out so went to Foster Hospital where a doctor was able to remove the small piece that was stuck to my eyeball. We were late getting to Inverloch where Stu, Tarren and James were out kiting.  

I got on the water about the time they were finishing up and had a nice flat water session on the inlet. The tide was going out so it was getting shallower. I didn't bother going across to the surf as I was the water might be too shallow in places.

Lots of kiters and people about having a good time in the sun. A fun session but I prefer some waves.

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