Saturday, November 27, 2021

Kitesurfing Flinders to Point Leo and return #538

 Another excellent session and tour from Flinders.  We headed out to the reef break first and rode some waves in variable swell then headed on a long tour coming in at Zappas then the Pines to surf the reef brakes there. 

We continued on to the Point Leo main beach and scored some flat water behind the main reef

I made it back on a single tack - the wind direction and strength was perfect.

I came in ahead of the others to avoid stressing my right arm too much. I am getting some numbness in the fingers and hand at times, including while typing!  

So good to do a tour again.

We are eyeing off a kitesurfing trip across the channel to Phillip Island but its a serious undertaking - boat support would be a good idea.

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