Saturday, June 25, 2022

Seaford kitesurfing - a slow cold start then better wind and some sun

Session 549. Stuart got out ahead of me then the wind dropped. I couldn't get going on my Ultra 12m kite so I waited on the shore. James decided conditions were too marginal so he headed home. 

Stuart dropped his kite and drifted in to the shore about 500m down the beach. I was thinking about going back to the car and driving down to get him, then the wind sprang up. Stuart got going again and I was well powered on the 12. 

The sun came out so things were good!  It turned out to be a good session.

I find it difficult to go upwind with the Ultra 12m kite though even when I have plenty of power.

Maybe I am just so used to smaller kites (10m & 8m) with a slimmer leading edge.  

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