Sunday, April 30, 2023

Zappa's SUP session - nice waves and no wind & Aspendale Fliteboard #FB18

I finally got back on my standup paddleboard after a long period of resting both sore elbows - and it was a good one.

Surfers at The Pines, Shoreham, 7:30am

I paddled across to Zappas slowly testing out my arms.  There was a little discomfort but I felt OK. 

The waves at Zappas were small to medium size and surprisingly easy to catch.  There was no wind so the takeoffs were smooth.

I logged 10 waves with a total of 1,461 wave ride distance.  The longest ride was 60 seconds and 273m, almost to the beach.

It was so good to be surfing again!

Aspendale Fliteboard (#FB18)

I had my Fliteboard with me but decided to dodge the reefs at low tide and instead stopped at Aspendale on the way home for a 30 minute session on the Flow 1300 wing.  I did a tour up to Parkdale Sailing Club then back to the Gnotuk Ave beach houses. 

I covered 12.73km in 35 minutes and only used 50% of the battery. The Flow wing is more efficient that the Cruiser 1100.

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