Kitesurfing Handbook

I have written this Kitesurfing Handbook with help from Stuart Webb to capture a lot of the information on this blog in a handbook format so it can be easily found.  We have also provide links to additional information sources.

The focus is on equipment, tips, safety and travel.  Introductory and intermediate skills and techniques are also covered, along with suggested skills progression.

Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions about the Handbook by posting a comment below.


Anonymous said...

Hey Peter, i have emailed you directly, but thought i should also leave a comment. As a beginner who has only just managed to go upwind and land my first jumps, your handbook is a wealth of knowledge.... thankyou for putting this together, you have saved me a heap of research time and i hope that others take the opportunity to read the Handbook! I have now subscribed to PredictWind as it was a suggested site in your Handbook. PredictWind has allowed maximum kite time for me - i travel 1.5 hrs to get to Altona, but every time - to date - it is blowing as forecasted. Thanks again for the practical no nonsense approach to explaining the ins and outs of this great sport! Peter.J.

Peter Campbell said...

Peter J, thanks for your feedback. It is great to hear you are up and going and have got some benefit from the handbook. Good winds!

Hugh said...

Hi Peter, virtual visit from the USA. Enjoyed seeing your remarkably thorough documentation of all your outings, and your steadily improving skills. I'm a couple years and a few skills ahead, so if you can stand it, here's three suggestions. First, keep your front leg straight, it helps in chop and helps upwind. Second, get your hands closer to the middle of the bar, it helps with control. Third, on a downwinder, do successive heelside to toeside and back, on both tacks, with turns and gybes, trying to make them as quick and smooth as possible. Swing the kite from one hand to the other as you do this. Your legs will burn but it will help with surfing. Hugh

Peter Campbell said...

Hugh, thanks for the tips. I have been straightening my front leg more recently. This also tends to rest the muscles.

I also ride with one hand (or both) near the middle of the bar on occasions too.

I will work on the downwinder turns on both tacks as I tend to ride toeside only on my right tack at present.

You are welcome to contribute tips to the Handbook too using this [link]

Anonymous said...

Very helpful manual. Can you make available as PDF download for offline reading? (i.e. when traveling not always so easy to find reliable wifi)


Peter Campbell said...

Thanks for the feedback. A PDF or eBook version is on my list of things to do, I will post an update if/when its available.