Skiing Norway 2016

Roger Palmer and I embarked on a 20 day ski trip to Norway in April 2016.  Here is a summary of our ski days.

Sail and ski trip in Hjorundfjorden with Fjord Adventures

Ski day 1. Skårasalen  24-04-2016

Ski day 2. Dukhornet  25-04-2016

Ski day 3. Bläja 26-04-2016

Ski day 4. Slogen 27-04-2016

Ski day 5. Kolåstinden 28-04-2016

Exploring new terrain in the Sunnmore Alps (Sunnmørsalpane)

Ski day 6. skied into Patchellhytta 1-05-2016

Ski day 7 morning. Smoreskredtindane (not the summit) 2-05-2016

Ski day 7 afternoon. Brekketindane (not the summit) 2-05-2016

Ski touring peaks in Romsdal

Ski day 8 Gjuratinden  4-05-2016

Ski day 9  Blanebba 05-05-2016

Ski touring on Kvaloya and the Lyngen Alps

Near Tromso with Alison Culshaw of Off Piste Performance

Ski day 10. Skitntinden 1042m (not the summit) 8 May 2016. First ski day Kvaløya

Ski day 11. Tafeltinden 1395m (not the summit) 9 May 2016. Second ski day Kvaløya

Ski day 12. Middagstinden 1050m,  10 May 2016. Kvaløya ski day 3
Ski tour midnight sun 8:30pm & scored powder!

Ski day 13. Ullstinden 1078m,  11 May 2016. Kvaløya ski day 4
Great summit cornice and views and excellent descent, 

Ski day 14. Storstolpan 12 May 2016 Kvaløya ski day 5
Hit the jackpot. Sensational views and magical powder 

Ski day 15. Nordfjellet 13 May 2016 Kvaloya ski day 6

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