Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sandy Point kitesurfing downwinder towards the Prom then back up the inlet - great tour

Session 441. What a tour!  I left my car at the inlet, Bruce drove me back to the surf club. We started doing some tacks in the nice surf at Sandy Point.  The waves there are great for kitesurfing as its usually easy to get out the back then pick some good waves to ride back in on.

Tongue Point (L) and Shellback Island (R) in the distance

Then it was off downwind, enjoying good waves all the way to the Shallow Inlet mouth.  I was keen to go further so I took headed further along the beach.  The waves got bigger and the water got clearer and more blue.  I went as far as the first rock outcrop on the beach.  The dark shapes in the water there were small sections of reef.

The view down to Tongue Point in the distance was great, the view looking out to the dramatic Shellback Island offshore was fantastic.

I was on my own so I headed back.  Stu W, Stu S and Tarren had driven all the way back from Tathra in the morning after 4 hours kitesurfing yesterday so they were less frisky than usual.

I got back on a single tack and could have easily kept going back to the surf club but the inlet beckoned.  There was some lovely flat water and good wind.  I clocked my fastest ever speed at 53.3 km/h. Back near the car there were wind shadows, we definately had the best kitesurfing along the beach and near the mouth of the inlet.

Stoked to complete such a great session.  Next time I will scope out kiting around Tongue Point and landing at Squeaky Beach.  That would be a grand tour!

He had a good meal in the pub at Inverloch, very contented with our exploits.

Mr Styles heading out


Sunday, March 04, 2018

Kitesurfing a mild sea breeze at Ricketts Point

Session 440. A mild sea breeze at Ricketts Point provided good "staying upwind" practice, a few jumps and then some faster runs.

I got some seaweed caught in my lines when self launching which affected control of the kite - be careful with that, there is a lot of seaweed on the beach at Ricketts.

I had enough power with my Union 10, but not enough for big jumps.

Nice to see a couple of dads teaching their sons how to kitesurf, the next generation is coming

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Kitesurfing Hampton to Green Points, 30 knots and 6m kite

Session 439. Hampton delivered!  A strong southerly came in late afternoon. I headed to Hampton with Stu Styles.  It was cranking when we arrived with about 8 kiters out in the bay surf.  First time I to try out my Airush Wave 6m kite, at last . . .

Green Point

I had plenty of power to get out and about, and like its name, the Wave was really good surfing. I was able to enjoy riding waves and not get pulled off them.  The kite turns nicely and drifts down the line well.  I had it fully powered for the entire session.  I tried some jumps, it doesn't boost like the Unions but that's OK in strong wind.

It was a bit crowded at Hampton so I toured down to Green Point where a good surf was rolling into the beach and along the reef at the point.  I did three runs through the waves, with the kite performing really well.  I got my money's worth with this one session!

Heading back, the kite went upwind well too.  I get back to Hampton with only a couple of tacks.  Stu was on the beach and said he was maxxed out on his Union 8.  He took the Wave 6 out for a short surf and really noticed the difference, riding waves coming back in.

Wow, just wow.  Hampton and Green Point are so good when the wind hits the magic 30 knots.

Green Point

Green Point

Green Point

Green Point

Mr Styles @ Hampton

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Kitesurfing Point Leo with good wind and small surf

Session 438. Third and final session of the day - completing the trifecta!  After a souvlaki for lunch in Mentone I drove to Point Leo to meet Stuart W hoping for some kitesurfing on waves.  Point Leo is a quiet location with a good campground that was very quiet.  There was hardly anyone around and nobody on the beach.  I chatted to a couple of lifesavers who were sitting in a buggy on the beach.

Second Reef
 There was good wind.  I cruised out on Union 10 with plenty of power.  I headed to Second Reef where waves were forming, avoiding a couple of surfers who were close to the shore.  This reef can open up as treacherous rocks I was cautious.

I then tacked out to Suicides at the point.  There were some good size swells but they were close to the rocks so I headed back to Second Reef.  Stuart was on the water by then.  We cruised around finding some occasional swells and waves but they weren't big.

Then we headed further west over to The Pines at Shoreham.  The reef break there is very consistent but again the waves were not big. 

Point Leo, Suicides in the background

The Pines

The Pines

Kitesurfing downwinder Mentone to Brighton, a good 16km tour

Session 437. Second session of three today. I got my backpack from the car and stashed a kitebag and my wateproof phone pouch in it. Anthony very generously offered to pick me up from Brighton. 

I tacked straight to Ricketts Point, then around the corner. Job and Luca were setting up on the beach at South Ricketts and there was one kiter out their.  I dodged the reefs and kept going.

Closer to shore the wind was lighter with the south easterly running parallel to the shore or even a bit offshore.  I stayed out where the wind was good.  I swapped feed a couple of times and rode toeside in both directions to vary the load on my leg muscles. 

The HMS Cerberus wreck is breaking up badly now.

It as great to do a pure downwinder and surf swells most of the way.  From the breakwater at Sandringham Marina I headed straight to Green Point, but the waves there were small.  The festival on there was very busy.

I came into Brighton without any difficulty, very happy to have completed this nice short tour.  Anthony had just arrived and I spoke to Natalie and Graeme who were setting up for foil board racing. 

A coffee and some chips at the Brighton Pavilion cafe was great, then Anthony drove me back to Mentone.