Saturday, December 22, 2018

Kitesurfing downwinder from Frankston to Mordialloc, lucky with the wind

Session 465. Five of us converged on Frankston after setting up a car shuffle at Mordialloc.  There was wind when we arrived, Stuart and I did a couple of runs, then it died completely when a small rain shower came through.

The steady 15+ knots that was forecast had disappeared.  We waited for a while, thinking that the southerly at South Channel was not getting into Frankston.  Immediately after I deflated my kite the wind sprang up.

Stu W was on the water and off downwind, I got going soon after and was pleased to get some nice fast downwind cruising then some small bay surf closer to the beach.  The water was clear and the sun was shining.

Near Gnotuk I headed out towards Ricketts Point until I was off Mordialloc Pier than tacked backed and finished with a run down the surf to the beach just south of the Mordialloc Creek.

James and Stu S were on the beach and said they got less wind, while Stu W and I lucky to ride a good patch of wind all the way down.


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