Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Weak seabreeze, only good for foil kites and boards

Session 466. I am determined to get up and going on my foil board.  Headed to St Kilda hoping for a 15 knot sea breeze but less than 10 knots came in.  No inflatable kites could get going, but Natalia and Ivan were going well on their foil kites (13m) and foil boards.

Foil kites are expensive though - around $3,000 + bar! 

I stayed for a while hoping for the wind to build but it didn't.  Sea breezes have not been very consistent so far this year.

I got my Union 10m kite flying but couldn't get enough power to get going on the Double Agent foil.

Someone left a wetsuit on the stone wall near the kite caravans - contact me if its yours.

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