Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lesson 3– Board on and drag

21 November 2005

This technique is similar to body dragging, but with board on feet and keeping board downwind.

  • Walk into water and lean back into water
  • Fly the kite directly above head
  • Fit board to feet by feel – keep watching kite at 12:00
  • Make sure board is oriented correctly (top of board is up)
  • Fly the kite right and left, counteracting the pressure with feet. When kite goes to the left, put pressure on left foot. When kite goes to right, put pressure on right foot.
  • Continue with this until can maintain position of board downwind, always with pressure on feet.

This technique get you used to controlling the board and balancing the power of the kite against foot pressure on the board. It is a prelude to standing up.

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