Thursday, December 22, 2005

Session 5 – My first solo and some success

21 December 2005

My first solo session.

I visiting the training beach with about 15-20 kph winds blowing.

I had some difficulty getting enough power to start. Then I got too much power and into the air (2-3 meters), but I kept hold of the bar and came down with a splash, kite still flying.

Stood up and started heading left, with board edged and kite flying! What a blast. I decided to head back in before I got too far out.

Heading to the right was not so easy. I could not get properly out of the water and basically “board dragged” back in. I crashed kite and water launched it. I also lost the board, which a sail boarder brought back to me. Then I lost board, swam to it.


Kiteboarding it is not too easy to learn, but is a sensational experience when you get going.

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