Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Back in Port Douglas waiting for some wind

I am in Port Douglas again for some warm water kitesurfing. However, the weather is abnormal for this time year (climate change effects?) as there is very little wind and quite a bit of rain at times.

I was up at Cooktown for 2 days last weekend and the wind was howling in at Quarantine Bay. It was blowing consistently at about 25-30 knots day and night.

Back at Port Douglas, no wind though! I did some revision on the beach with Brett who detailed a means of self rescue by:
  • Pulling in one rear line at least a kitespan (about 4 metres)
  • Winding a few turns of line around the bar to lock it off
  • Then wind the rest of the lines together along the bar (as per normal) until you get to the kite
  • Hang on to the kite
  • Make a sail by grabbing both ends of the kite and bringing them together
The wind picked up at 12 noon today and I scooted down to the beach only to see the wind stop. It only blew for 1 hour which was rather frustrating.

I found a small cut through the sail fabric which needs a repair though. I stuck on a patch and am now sorting out a more permanent fix.

Hopefully I can do an outer reef kiting trip. This is where the above "rescue technique" is essential for getting back into the boat without lines becoming too twisted.

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