Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Session 27: Desperately seeking wind

I injured my shoulder skiing in September and was forced to rest from kitesurfing until late December. I have been really hanging out for some wind and to get back out.

Finally, I was able to get down to Hampton on New Year's day with favourable conditions.

Fawkner Beacon wind graph - 1 January 2008

However, although the wind was reasonable out past the breakwater, there was a lull behind it on the beach. I launched the kite but couldn't really get going. Eventually near the rock groyne I started to get it together but there was another kite pfaffing around where I was headed so I turned around. Dunking the kite I drifted into shore and was assisted by another kiter who grabbed the kite.

There were heaps of kites on the beach and quite a few on the water. It seems like Hampton is getting more crowded. Quite a few people sunbathing and swimming too.

Frustrating. It seem that sheeting the kite in too much in an effort to get power sends you upwind and you lose too much power. I was on my small board too - which is harder to get going in lighter wind.

Saw some snazzy beach launches and many new kites. The Switchblade 12m kite is reputed to have as much power as the 2006 16m kite, and less bar pressure. I am holding off buying a bigger or newer kite for now.

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