Friday, January 04, 2008

Holidays at Sorrento, strong winds but sideshore

With the new year just arrived we headed down to Sorrento, Victoria for a short family beach holiday. I took the kite gear hoping for some wind.

Last year there was virtually no wind so I left my 7m kite behind. Space in our Suburu Liberty wagon was at a premium with baby gear for our daughter Chloe, the sea kayak and fishing gear on board too. It was a mistake to only take the 12m kite - heaps of wind this year and the 7m kite could have been used.

I saw a couple of kiters out in the strong Easterly, I think they launch at Sullivans Bay just east of the Sorrento sailing club. They were heading way out to the North and looked expert. They would need to be. If you dunked your kite and had to "float in" it would be a long way to the shore and you would be blown onto cliffs, boats and possibly the Sorrento pier!

Wind map for Thursday 3 Jan

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Sullivans Bay

There was only one other kiter out off Blairgowrie. However, the wind was basically sideshore, the beach was crowded and I thought the wind was a bit too strong for the 12m kite. Nobody was kiting at Rye. Frustrating . . .

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