Thursday, January 22, 2009

Surfing the waves at Hampton

Session 39.

A strong southerly change came through in the afternoon cooling off another hot day. Checking the Bay Winds site on my phone (via WAP) showed wind around 30 knots, so I headed down to Hampton after work, rather than going bike racing at Sandown (the rot has set in . . . fancy goofing of a bike race!)

Got on the water through the large shore break just after 6pm straight out into big waves - but the wind had dropped. I swapped to my 14m kite, and was rewarded with more wind and heaps more power. The 14m Switchblade flys very smoothly. I depowered to get better control. I was able to get some fast runs in behind the marina wall, further up the beach than I had before.

Then the wind dropped again, despite what looked like a front in the distance. I continued working the surf area with Ivan and few others, finishing about 8pm.

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