Thursday, January 08, 2009

Jumping and speed at Hampton

Session 37 stats:
  • Max speed 45.9 km/h, distance 24.74km, duration 1h50 approx.
  • Wind 20-23 knots, southerly

I was going for a bike race at Sandown this evening, but the wind was good. Racing into a strong wind can be frustrating. Particularly if you are in a bunch that won't chase. So I decided to go kiting at Hampton. I got on the water at about 6pm. Not much of a summer so far - it was really quite cool. My 1mm wetsuit kept me just warm enough.

The wind was good and strong. Easy to go upwind so I headed up to the breakwater in search of some flat water. About 5 or 6 other kiters about and a couple of windsurfers. Everybody was proficient.

I concentrated on going upwind for a while and kept my speed down. I then did some faster runs chasing onto the back of then over the surprisingly large swells that were rolling in.

I did my best ever jump launching off a wave and flying the kite high. Hangtime! It seemed like a long time, but I didn't go too high. The kite tends to stall when you pendulum under it, so the next progressing will be to fly it somewhere, or maybe even kiteloop it.

I did some toe down riding too - which feels quite wierd. A lot more practice required on this. There are heaps of progressions in this sport.

I finished with a longer run out looking back down to Brighton and the city. What a blast. It brought back memories of my first successful long run - which was in the same location and about to the same place. The wind dropped off a bit so I made it back just above the rock groyne then got to the beach.

Ivan was setting up his kite after a hard day at the SHQ office, but the wind picked up for him when he got on the water.

My hands and fingers got quite sore from the cold and bar pressure. I am considering trying some neoprene diving gloves. I think I will also get a 4/3 surfing wetsuit for when it gets cooler.

I had fitted the kitecam, but it had no batteries so no footage this time. At the end of the session the screw mount was a little loose and it had shifted direction. Next time . . . there will be some video action!

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