Saturday, February 28, 2009

A downwinder from Ricketts Point to Hampton

Session 43
  • Wind: 20knots, southerly
  • Max speed: 32.4 km/h
  • Trip: 25.8 km
  • Time: 58:21
  • Note: GPS was not working correctly, so the above information is not accurate.
Stuart contacted me on Saturday morning about doing a downwinder from Ricketts Point Beaumaris to Hampton Beach. The wind picked up during the afternoon, so we met at Hampton to leave a vehicle there then drove to Ricketts Point. The wind wasn't strong so I took out my 14m kite. We got on the water just after 4pm and headed out. Stuart had a couple of mates with windsurfers, but we weren't sure there would be enough wind for them so we took off after a few tacks.

My first downwinder of note. It was fantastic. Cruising at speed and time for a good look around. We headed out a way. It felt great to be out so far in the elements, travelling with the good grace of the wind.

Plonking in the water briefly I felt some stings when I came out. Looking in the water, there were heaps of large jellyfish around so I guess I one got me! I could feel some stings on my back through my one mm wetsuit and around my face, but they didn't hurt much and dissipated quickly.

We tacked back in several times to balance out the work on the legs. It is nice to come back into shore for a closer look. We came right in close the wreck of the Cerberus. Surely it should be salvaged and restored. It has mostly collapsed into the water now. In my youth we swam out to it and snorkelled inside it and clambered around the decks. It has greatly deteriorated over the last 30 years.

We had some great views all the way to Melbourne. We passed the Sandringham Yacht club, then rounded corner to Hampton. After a few tacks near the breakwater we came to shore, both stoked by the experience. Going touring on a kiteboard is fast, efficient and fun. I wanted to keep going to St Kilda.

No kitecam this time. Next downwinder I will fit it to my helmet.

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