Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kitesurfer Natalie Clarke crosses Bass Strait and sets new record

Natalie Clarke successfully kitesurfed across Bass Strait on Monday 22 March 2010.

After much preparation and training, Natalie departed from Stanley in North West Tasmania at 6:30am and kitesurfed solo and non-stop all the way across Bass Straight, landing at Venus Bay in Victoria at about 4:15pm.

Natalie broke the previous record for kitesurfing across Bass Strait, set by James Weight and Ben Morrison Jack in late 2009, by 2 hours completing the trip in around 9 hours 30 minutes.

Natalie is also the first female and solo kitesurfer to make the crossing.  She was accompanied by a support boat for the trip.

The total distance covered was approximately 240km.

Natalie's track log; note detour when she sights land (Natalie Clarke)

Natalie made the crossing to raise funds for the Swim 4 All Foundation who are still accepting donations.

(Photo: Paul Cousins)

{Photo: Paul Cousins)

Leading the boat.  (Photo: Natalie Clarke)

 (Photo: Natalie Clarke)

Crossing   (Photo: Natalie Clarke)

Approaching Venus Bay beach (Photo: Paul Cousins)

Into the surf at Venus Bay (Photo: Natalie Clarke)

Arrived: on the beach at Venus Bay  (Photo: Natalie Clarke)


Boris T said...

Wow congrats to Natalie for this achievement.

Stuart Tarzan Man said...

Hey Pete, you are becoming the source of news. The site

has quoted you ! It's amazing that there are no other news sources out there covering this story.

Peter Campbell said...

I have no idea why the main stream media seem to have ignored this achievement. Too busy looking at poodles and politicians perhaps?

Natalie Clarke said...

Thanks heaps guys :)

Peter Campbell said...

Natalie, count me in on your next adventure - I can help Paul and take some photos - and do some kiting too!