Sunday, July 18, 2010

A strong northerly at Brighton with kitecam

Session 93, Sunday 18 July 2010
Kite: Switchblade 10m
Board: S-Quad
Location: Brighton
Wind: 15 to 20 knots N
Duration: 2+ hours
Weather: Overcast then rain

A strong northerly winds around 25+ knots abated to about 18 knots when I arrived at Brighton at 11:00am - should have got there a bit earlier!

I took out the waist harness and S-Quad to get some more practice in for Bali.  The 10m kite flew quick, but was a bit underpowered to start with.  The wind picked up though and I got some good fast runs in.  The waist harness was fine - I will take it to Bali rather than the seat harness.

I didn't try any fancy gibes - or even toe down riding.  Ditching the kite offshore could be an epic.  I don't fancy driving around to Portarlington (or hiring a boat) to get it floating across the bay!

The wind then dropped off so I landed the kite and turned off the kitecam.  I headed out for another session when the wind picked up.  It pays not to go too far out, and to keep an eye on the water surface to the north to see what wind is coming (or dropping).

I ended up coming in downwind and over the reef, which gets a bit gnarly.  Good to have booties on when walking across it back to shore.  Around 1pm some rainsqualls arrived so I packed up and headed off.

Here are some more kitecam photos - the first with my Pentax Option W90.

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2010-07-18 Kitecam Brighton


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Hey there, I posted in here a while ago about Clean Break since I thought your readers would really enjoy the webseries. I wanted to get back in touch and let everyone know that the first 2 episodes are live!

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CleanBreak said...

We're now live with two more episodes! Definitely check out the newest awesome adventures that JJ and Brady have on the Facebook page.