Sunday, July 31, 2011

A new kiteboarding shop in Melbourne - The Zu

A new kitesurfing shop has opened in Melbourne - The Zu Boardsports in the West Beach Pavilion at St Kilda.   Ivan Salmon is running the shop - which was previously known as Katani, at the great beach location right next to Melbourne's most popular kitesurfing location.

Ivan really knows his kitesurfing.  He was a great help to me when I started kitesurfing.  He has an wealth of expert knowledge about kites, boards and accessories, as well as techniques.

Drop in to check out the shop.  You can even test ride a very zippy electric skateboard.  I had a ride - its heaps of fun.

They have a wide range of kites too so you can compare and get advice about several brands, unlike some shops that only tend to carry one or two brands.

Being right on the beach, testing out gear on demo runs will be a great option too.

Ivan on the fast cross country electric skateboard

Inside The Zu

A wide range of kites

The beast - test ride recommended!

Ivan riding the beast


Stuart Tarzan Man said...

Agree - Ivan is extremely good at what he does - he's probably the most knowledgeable person on kites that I've come across so far. Is he still doing repairs and modifications from his new shop ?

Peter Campbell said...

Yes, it is a one stop shop - check out kitesurfing gear, demo it, buy it, get it serviced etc.