Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sandy Point weekend with some good wind

Four of us planned a kitesurfing and windsurfing weekend at Sandy Point from 12-14 November.  Unfortunately I was bowled over by my brother's dog the week before our trip and cracked a rib on a veranda rail.  Ouch, its very painful.  My GP told me there were very few things he could state with absolute certainty in medicine, but he could say there was definitely no way I would be kitesurfing on this trip.

I left my kitesurfing gear at home in case I was tempted to go out and took my camera and fishing gear.  I took a lot of photos, but caught no fish.

Saturday - some wind at the inlet and on the surf beach
Stuart (kitesurfing) and Grant and Stu (windsurfing) had some nice runs in the inlet in light wind.  There was just enough wind to get going and it was nice and sunny.

These immature pacific gulls were resting as we left the inlet.

Stuart headed out in the surf at Waratah Bay in just enough wind.  The beach is very wide so launching is easy and the surf very predictable.  It would be great in 20+ knots.

Sunday - down to Walkerville and Venus Bay
There was no wind on Sunday so we drove to Walkerville for a look.  We headed down to Bear Gully where Grant and Stu surfed a small reef break.  Stuart and I walked along the wild coastline and eyed off the possibility of a great downwinder back to Sandy Point.  You would need a southerly and the distance is about 17km.  You could keep going down towards Wilsons Prom too!

Monday - more wind at the inlet
There was more wind (just enough) on Monday so Stuart and Grant got another session in at Shallow Inlet.

I detoured via Corner Inlet and Port Franklin on the way home.  Its a curious place - similar in many ways to Western Port - but very limited potential for kitesurfing.


View Waratah Bay kitesurfing in a larger map

Video - kitesurfing in Shallow Inlet

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