Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nice winter wind kitesurfing at Frankston

Session 182. Saturday 16 June 2012
At last some good wind! Got down to Frankston around 9:00 with Stuart, Tarren arrived soon after.  Nice clean northerly of around 20 knots blowing.  I took out my Switchblade 10m and the surfboard (S-Quad).  It was SO nice to be on the water. The wind was consistent and the water clear.

A reasonable swell made for nice kitesurfing closer to the shore.  Toeside riding was going well, even on my weak side (right foot forward).

Franz arrived half way through the session and smashed the small swell.  

I did my first gybe (foot swap) on the surfboard too, prior to turning, which was good to achieve.

Stuart broke a front line and swam in - lucky we weren't at Brighton!

Two hours on the water was a great session.

Stuart trying out the surfboard

GPS log


Neil Ennis said...

Hi Peter, I love the pics you've captured from the camera on your kite. I used to wind-surf a long time ago, and enjoyed getting out in the wind on the water. But what you're doing looks like a lot more fun. I've added you to my blog reader list and am looking forward to reading more.

Peter Campbell said...

Thanks Neil. Being able to mount a camera in the kite is a bonus. I like your blog on cycling & MTB adventures too - keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Max speed over 80 mph?

That doesn't seem right.

Peter Campbell said...

The max speed reading is an error - there are sometimes a few anomalies with GPS readings from the Garmin Edge 705 I use.

Anonymous said...

Kazan here. I was kiting Yorky's Knob and it's been really nice here steady low teens and mid 20's max.
Just a comment on your GPS recording. It looks like you walked the kite from the southern part of the beach on land and re-launched? What happened? Just curious.
Great pics btw and blog

Peter Campbell said...

Kazan, the wind dropped for a bit so I walked back along the beach once, then it picked up again. Nice to hear you are getting some good kitting at Yorkeys, check out 4 mile beach at Port Douglas if you get the chance.