Saturday, January 04, 2014

Kitesurfing variable westerly wind at Hampton.

Session 277. Early session at Hampton with Stuart.  Strong westerly wind when I arrived so I took out my Lithium 9 and was well powered and surfing some nice waves on the main beach.  

The wind dropped after 30 minutes so I swapped my 9 for my Lithium 12 and got some more runs in.  I tried some duck tacks again without success.

The wind dropped again so I came in and packed up.  The wind was up and down all day ranging from 10 knots to 35!  This is more like frontal winter winds than summer wind.

I skipped the training downwinder from Aspendale to Port Melbourne due to family commitments. Cesar and 5 others made it to Port Melbourne but many others didn't go the full distance.  They had to deal with sections of not enough wind (10-15 knots) to gusts of 35 knots - very tricky conditions.


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