Thursday, January 02, 2014

Kitesurfing Mentone in 15 knots with Sector 60

Session 275. Light winds prevailed during the day, I headed to Mentone late in the day to see if the South Easterly was coming in there.  It was, but only around 15 knots, so I setup my Lithium 12 and took out the Sector 60 board for my first kitesurfing session of the new year.

I did a run across close to the Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron, then a long tack towards Mordialloc up close to the pier.  The return tack was bearing off Ricketts Point so I decided to go there.  Half way I realised my GPS was off so I turned it on.  No other sailing craft about - it was almost spooky.

There were a couple of boats fishing close to Ricketts Point.  The evening light as nice, and I was able to maintain a good speed on the magnificent Sector 60, the secret to this session.

On the turn leg I was bearing towards the Mordialloc Pier but I decided to head closer in and do some downloops and ride the swell.  Going downwind I the kite touched the water and stayed down. It took me a little while to get it relaunched, then I headed in with the wind dropping a bit.

A really nice solitary session.


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