Monday, June 23, 2014

Healing after the crash, no kitesurfing for a while

Four weeks after my bike crash, my shoulder is healing well.  Here are x-rays of the plate and screws that have been put in to secure the collarbone.

I am off pain killers and can now move my arm quite well, but the plate restricts how high I can reach.   Sneezing still hurts - the reflexive judder can really jolt the shoulder.

I have been on the exercise bike some mornings - I am almost up to getting back on my bike.  I get flashbacks of the crash and hitting the road hard though.

I have had four gentle Iyenga yoga sessions now which I think help the healing.  Tony Rothberg of Bridge Yoga is a great instructor who keeps on eye on any special needs of anyone in his class.  

Boroondara Council has looked at the speed hump and plans to fix the road surface near it and upgrade it to more modern standards, with a bike passage so hopefully other cyclists will avoid as similar crash.

The forced break from kitesurfing is very frustrating, but I am spending some time increasing my skills in flying my quadcopter. Hopefully I will be able to get some good kitesurfing footage with it.

My shoulder is reviewed on 8 August. If it is fully healed the plate will come out and I can regain full mobility and function of the arm.

I have been marvelling at the innate intelligence of the human body.  How do all those cells know how and what to repair?  What directs them? Is it all really just coded in DNA?  The bruising and tissue damage is repaired, ligaments and connective tissue replaced and bone regrown. 


Dwayne S said...

Get well soon! Started following your blog shortly after I took up kiteboarding and now I am pulling off 20-30 mile sessions offshore. You provided me considerable knowledge. Tough to watch you grounded while we continue to kite.


Peter Campbell said...

Thanks Dwayne. I appreciate your feedback. My shoulder is getting better. Great to hear you are getting some good distance kitesurfing sessions in.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

Keep up the spirit for a speedy recovery!

Thanks for the tip.

I agree with Dwayne: your strategic explanations have been of good help for myself too.

Cheers from Belgium


Dwayne S said...

Living in California but family in Melbourne/Frankston so hopefully we will meet up in the near future ;) Thanks again!