Saturday, July 11, 2015

Winter kitesurfing at Brighton in my drysuit

Session 336. After a couple of weeks off the water I was in the grip of cabin fever.  Storms and cold weather were forecast today across Victoria but I was keen to go kitesurfing if conditions were OK.

Headed to Brighton with Stu Styles.  Just as we got there and pumped up the northerly wind dropped off and some very dark clouds were looming out to the west.  

I donned my bunny suit then my dry suit and headed out on my Lithium 9 just after a couple of kiters left the water.  There wasn't enough wind to stay upwind for a couple of runs but then it picked up a bit and I got some good runs in along the beach.

Stu got some great pictures from the shore with my Nikon.  Conditions were cold but I was toasty warm, even sweating, in my Ocean Rodeo drysuit.

I came in before the looming squall hit then we headed to the White Rabbit cafe in Brighton for a great coffee and muffin.



Chantae said...

This honestly has to be a first for me - seeing someone kitesurf in a drysuit! Is that common? Are there more crazy people out there? Very cool nonetheless :) Should show this to anyone who complains about bad weather... guess there's a lesson somewhere in this in always making the most of it! haha.

Peter Campbell said...

Drysuits are not common here and not really necessary: I got a bit too hot with the bunny suit on under it today. They are really good in more polar regions where it is really cold, and they are more comfortable than a 5mm+ wetsuit.