Sunday, June 07, 2015

Another cracking northerly at Frankston, small kite day

Session 336.  Great winter kitesurfing today in a strong northerly wind today at Frankson.  It was well over 20 knots when we setup at about 8:00am.  With stronger winds forecast, I opted for my Crossbow 7 and was glad that I did.  I had plenty of power and was able to ride some nice bay surf that increased in size as the session progressed.

Stuart took out his 7 too and was also having a great time.  You don't use a small kite often, but when you do the sessions are rewarding.  Stu and Eric both had bigger kites that they sensibly elected not to fly.  They both had turns on ours when we came in for short spells.

It wasn't too cold, but I was wearing gloves, booties and my helmet.

My chin injury from the previous weekend was fully healed thanks to medical super glue.  No dramas today.  I did a few cautious jumps as the Crossbow 7 turns like a gnat.

Surfing bay waves was the order of the day.  Its fantastic to have this kitesurfing so close by.

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