Sunday, October 11, 2015

Beaumaris to Hampton downwinder just before a storm

Stuart W, Stu S and Eric did a nice Beaumaris to Hampton downwinder this afternoon.  Still injured, I launched their kites and took some photos with "kitedog" Pixie also in attendance.

Conditions were good with a steady wind and some interesting light with the approaching storm looming.

After they headed off I stopped at Black Rock to take some shots of them far out in the bay, then continued on to Hampton where quite a few kiters were out.

I was surprised how quickly the traveled from Black Rock to Hampton - they arrived offshore the same time that I did!

They made it in just before the deluge, then I drove them back to their cars - all beaming with the buzz of their adventure.

You read Stuart's account on the water here: Kiteventure: 2015 10 11 - Downwind action

Kitedog assisted launch

Off Beauumaris

Passing Black Rock (Half Moon Bay)

Coming in to Hampton, Fawkner Beacon in the background

Pixie Kitedog preparing for landing

Chateau Styles under threat from flash flood and Brighton 4WDers

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